The WWE had a match between Seth Rollins and Vince McMahon, which was largely panned by critics.

The vince mcmahon 2020 is a tweet from Seth Rollins that he is ready to strangle Vince McMahon after the awful match between him and AJ Styles.

WWE superstar Seth Rollins on SmackDown

Rollins was enraged (Picture: WWE)

After his battle with The Fiend at Hell In A Cell 2019, WWE superstar Seth Rollins claimed he was “ready to strangle” Vince McMahon.

The Architect faced Bray Wyatt’s evil alter ego inside the namesake chamber two years ago, but fans were underwhelmed by the red lighting, which made the action difficult to see, as well as the bout’s scheduling.

Despite the fact that the night led to Seth’s present persona, he was furious at the time after blaming McMahon for the night’s events.

‘Things happen for a reason, they happen the way they’re meant to happen,’ stated ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin on Broken Skull Sessions. It was as it was, but now we’re here.

‘Without that match, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I can now put a good gloss on it because I can look back a year and a half, but I came through that curtain ready to strangle Vince McMahon at the moment.

‘I’m not lying to you. TJ Wilson was on hand to keep me in check. I locked my gaze on Vince’s, I looked at him, he looked at me, we didn’t say anything to one other, and he went out.’

WWE boss Vince McMahon on SmackDown in July 2021

He appeared to hold Vince responsible for the events that transpired (Picture: WWE)

Instead, Rollins spoke with Paul Heyman, the Raw creative director at the moment, before meeting down with McMahon the next day.

‘I walked into Vince’s office, more calmer than before, and said, “Let’s speak about this.” Because it can’t happen again, we need to find out what we’re doing here.” He acknowledged, ‘It was polite, but it took me a night.’

‘I was prepared to go. My anger and adrenaline would have flared if no one was there to check on me.


‘In my mind, if you go back to the bout, I’m sure that it wouldn’t have been [selected Worst Match of the Year in the Wrestling Observer] if it had gone our way.’

Seth’s plan for the match turned out to be “a lot different” from how things played out on the night, and he could feel the audience booing him as he and Bray instead did what they were instructed.

‘My idea for how the match would play out was far different from what we had to accomplish on the field.’ We went out there and performed the best we could with what we were given,’ he said.

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‘Obviously, since it was still going on, I felt… When you watch it back, it’s booing after boos after boos, and at the end of it, the audience’s response when they didn’t get the outcome they wanted is a difficult pill to take.

‘It’s a pain. It’s a depressing sensation. Return to it immediately; we discussed the Drip God character, and that character would not exist without that match. That was the impetus for what occurred later in the year.

‘That occurred in October, and by December and January, I’m no longer Seth Rollins from “Burn It Down,” I’m a whole new person.’

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