When you are travelling in Germany will need a local phone number along with the mobile internet to assist you to settle in. You have a couple of possibilities for this. 

Either you acquire a mobile plan that ties you for typically 2 years, or you may obtain a more flexible and less expensive prepaid SIM card and select the phone plan that is best for you.

To assist you in making a decision and without becoming confused with the plethora of mobile phone plans available, given below are the finest Germany SIM cards in Germany in this guide.

Why should one buy a SIM card in Germany?

The answer is simple: don’t rely on others! Yes, your hotel and most other public locations will have WiFi, but you’d be shocked how many bars and restaurants in Germany do not. Germany values privacy, and locals avoid connecting to public WiFi networks. 

However, having a data connection is also recommended if you want to hire a cab on the street, quickly look up the train timetable, or discover a local restaurant with good ratings. There are several reasons why you should obtain a local SIM card. 

Bundles of international data roaming? Did you realize that the majority of them restrict internet speed? With a local SIM card, you receive the finest network coverage and, if available, 5G.

Best SIM cards for tourists in Germany

Telekom Germany SIM card

SIM card for T Mobile Germany has the most extensive phone coverage in the country. T Mobile also has the highest data tariffs and bundles in Germany. To obtain a T Mobile prepaid SIM card, you must present your passport and a German address at the phone retailer. All of these packages are valid and can be used in Europe outside of Germany in all Schengen nations.

Vodafone Germany SIM Card

SIM card from Vodafone Germany has the country’s second-largest phone operator. In the phone store, you must present your passport as well as your German address. Check out the Vodafone website for rates and bundles.

Packages using a Vodafone Germany prepaid SIM card start at €40 for 4 GB of data and go up to €70 for 14 GB of data. All of the bundles include local calls and SMS. As you can see, these data bundles in Germany are rather pricey.

Blau Surf M

Tourists will also appreciate Blau Surf M. This package provides 3 GB of LTE data for four weeks. The cost of calls and SMS within Germany is 9 cents per minute/text, including roaming to the rest of Europe. This pre-paid plan comes with a €10 credit and can be quickly filled up online.

Aldi Talk

Lidl’s immediate opponent is Aldi Talk, not just in terms of the prepaid mobile phone service, but also in terms of its fundamental product, the supermarket. 

Aldi offers a product that is quite comparable to Lidl; however, the most notable distinction is that Aldi utilizes the O2 network, which is Germany’s smallest network. O2 reception is strong in cities, but it is not a smart choice if you spend a lot of time in rural regions.

The Paket S plan includes unlimited calls and texts as well as 3 GB of LTE data. For four weeks, it costs €7.99. The most expensive package, Paket L, provides 12 GB of data for $17.99 per month.


Prepaid SIM cards from resellers are more affordable than SIM cards and contracts from network providers directly. Because of its D-network, low pricing, and ease of use, Lidl Connect is a top pick for the best prepaid SIM card in Germany. If you want a postpaid flexible contract, Simon mobile from Vodafone is an excellent choice.


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