Axie Infinity Season 19 Meta Impressions. With the latest patch, Axies are now able to evolve into new forms via Evolution Stones that drop from enemies. This also introduced a wealth of new interactions for player characters and has already had an impact on how players build their teams in this season’s meta game.

The Axie Infinity meta has changed significantly since season 19 began. This article will cover how things have played out, what changes the new metagame brings, and how it compares to previous seasons.

Axie Infinity Season 19 Meta Impressions is a blog post about the Axie Infinity meta impressions. The “axie season 19” is a blog post about the Axie Infinity meta impressions.


So, it’s been a little over a day since the Axie Infinity Season 19 update went online, and the meta is already trembling. The Season 19 meta is a little strange compared to the previous season and off-season, but powerful builds from the previous season and off-season are still strong, just modified a little.

Season 19 Meta Experience of Axie Infinity


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It was a reality that after the MMR reset, everyone was beginning from the same place. As I began my ascent back to where I was in the off-season, I expected to see a lot of strange and odd builds. In the off-season, I was able to maintain a steady MMR of 2300+ with the Shrimpinator build I was utilizing. However, given the nerfs to the Terminator archetype and Garish Worm (Barb Strike), I anticipated some trouble ascending at the start of Season 19.

Predictably, many of the guys I encountered were still using the same builds that were so successful last season. Terminators, Shrimpinators, Jumping Poison, Double Aqua, and even the traditional Bird-Beast-Plant combos were all present.

I finished the first day with a record of 19 wins and 11 defeats after playing 30 Arena games. This is a good start to the season, particularly on the opening day. It is, nevertheless, strange to have to adjust to the new damage numbers. Because the powerful cards from previous season were typically nerfed in the damage category, games tend to continue longer in my experience.

Lagging (Mystic Rush), Thorny Caterpillar (Allergic Reaction), and Tiny Turtle (Chomp) all suffered damage reduction nerfs on the Terminator, and my composition took a blow as a result. The nerf hammer also took a toll on my Aqua, with Risky Fish (Fish Hook), Shoal Star (Star Shuriken), and Garish Worm (Barb Strike) all suffering negative effects. I’ll admit that it seems a little weaker in terms of damage, but the Shrimpinator’s basic gameplay is still quite effective.

That’s a significant advantage since Doubletalk (Soothing Song) birds can no longer one-turn-kill a Terminator backline with their four-card combination. Because to the adjustments to the critical hit calculation, critical hits now seem more balanced and fair, with reduced damage practically everywhere. Aquas aren’t critting as frequently as they used to, and when they do, they don’t cause nearly as much damage.

Overall, Season 19 seems quite fair and balanced to me, however bear in mind that this is merely a first impression and does not reflect the whole season.

Season 19 Top Ladder Comps for Axie Infinity

While previous season’s comps are still excellent but have been toned down, the ladder is now infested with a new crop of meta-defining axes: Bugs. Everyone is striving for the next “strongest squad” with 3,000 AXS tokens up for grabs at the conclusion of the season for the Top 1000.

Looking at the top 100, it seems like quite a few players have boarded the Bug train and sped out from the station. The current top ladder player is using a Plant Double Bug composition at the time of writing. Here’s how they put it together:


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Because Bug Axis cards have remained largely unchanged or have been strengthened, it seems that now is a good moment for these bothersome insects to take control of the Arena battlefield. The Double Discard bug is particularly scary, since Pincer (Sunder Claw) and Parasite (Third Glance) both discard cards from your opponent’s hand. Scarab (Scarab Curse) received a boost from the balancing patch, making it a powerful card against healers. Garish Worm (Barb Strike) and Thorny Caterpillar (Allergic Reaction) on one Bug enable it to stun any Bird or Aqua axie attacking it, while Garish Worm (Barb Strike) and Thorny Caterpillar (Allergic Reaction) on the other Bug provide it with a lot of damage and debuff potential.

Bidens (Cleanse Scent) removes debuffs and grants a 50 shield for 0 energy, Zigzag (Drain Bite) keeps it alive with healing, and Pocky (Sugar Rush) and Hot Butt (Spicy Surprise) inflict a lot of damage to whatever axie is in front. Because of its large shields and very strong healing, it is quite difficult to defeat this Plant axie.

While the team composition is very tanky and aggravating to deal with, it is a front-to-back composition, which means it lacks target altering skills, which were popular in the off-season. Going through the back and destroying one of the bugs before it has a chance to discard any of your cards is a surefire way to win this competition.

Checking out another top ladder team competition, the traditional Bird Beast Plant team has been tweaked to be a bug-eating terror. The squad in the graphic below is currently ranked third on the ladder at the time of writing.


Screenshot taken from

It may come as a surprise that a team composition that has been around since the beginning of competitive Axie Infinity is still doing strong, but it’s more a credit to the player’s talent and the meta’s adjustment that this combination is so powerful. Anti-meta is a term that has been used in almost every professional esport, and Axie Infinity is no exception.

This composition makes use of the decent version of the Bird axie, as well as a Plant with Cattail (Cattail Slap) and a Mech-Beast with Doubletalk (Soothing Song), to blast down Bug users and anybody else who isn’t counting cards and energy.

Little Owl (Dark Swoop), Egg Shell (Eggbomb), Pigeon Post (Blackmail), and Post Flight (All-Out Shot) are all used by the Bird in this composition to knock out the opponent’s quickest axie. It may also absorb aggro by inflicting the Aroma state on oneself with Eggbomb. This Bird absolutely annihilates bugs, thanks to the additional efficacy of Bird cards against Bug-type axies.

The Mech is also very frightening, because to Doubletalk (Soothing Song) and Dual Blade (Sinister Strike), which do a lot of damage while disregarding shields. The damage output of Hero (Heroic Reward) and Hare (Hare Dagger) is likewise increased. The Plant is also unique, with Cattail (Cattail Slap) enabling it to exploit Bugs attacking it and Watering Can (Aqua Stock) allowing it to exploit Aquas attacking it.

This team outperforms the other team I mentioned at the beginning of this part, especially because the Bird can bypass the frontline and eliminate one of the flaws. The Plant also works very well, since the Bugs are unable to backdoor in any way, and Cattail Slap will be simple to get at full value.

In terms of emergent team compositions and meta versus anti-meta mindgames, the Axie Infinity Season 19 update seems to be the most exciting season yet. If you want to play this season, be mindful of the buffs and nerfs we discussed in a previous post and do your homework. I didn’t include any axies pricing in this article since cryptocurrency prices fluctuate all the time, and axies enter and exit meta at random periods. The axie you paid $400 for last week could only be worth $200 the following week.

Anyone interested in becoming a competitive Axie Infinity player should be knowledgeable of the meta and how to play against it. Even with a conventional Double Aqua composition, if your foundations are strong, you can go a long way. If you want to brush up on a skill that can help you reach new heights, check out our article on card counting.



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