The Elder Scrolls Online is an online role-playing game that allows players to explore the vast world of Tamriel. In this event, players are challenged to earn community rewards in the Bounties of Blackwood event.


It’s one thing to win prizes in an MMORPG; it’s another to earn them as part of a bigger community effort. The next Bounties of Blackwood event for The Elder Scrolls Online will take place between Thursday, September 30th, and Thursday, October 12th, in that spirit of community work.

The event requires players to complete the Blackwood Pathfinder accomplishment by visiting the six locations in the Blackwood zone, which fills an event meter for each player who completes the achievement. Filling this meter will provide all Blackwood owners access to a Crown Store reward package, which includes a Pellucid Swamp Jelly pet worth 33 percent, Shadows of Blackwood marks for 66 percent, and a cascading bounty box and fourth mystery surprise worth 100 percent.

In addition to the community unlock, ESO is providing additional event delights like as bonus prizes when exploring in Blackwood and Glorious Blackwood Legates’ Coffers for completing daily and weekly tasks in the zone. as well as Event Tickets, which can be earned and used on mounts and pets. If you own Blackwood and want to earn free items, you and other players will need to put in some effort on Thursday.


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