The Lakers are bringing in Talen Horton to take over for Rajon Rondo. The team has struggled this season, but the addition of T-Hort makes them a stronger contender for next season.

The “Lakers vs Spurs” is a game that will be played on Thursday. The Lakers are expected to win the game and LeBron James is expected to play. Read more in detail here: lakers vs spurs.

Talen Horton-Tucker, Lakers

Getty Lakers’ Talen Horton-Tucker

The Lakers are in desperate need of positive news following yet another heartbreaking NBA loss—this time to the Timberwolves on Friday—and they should receive it on Sunday as they prepare to play another (ahem) beatable adversary, the Spurs. Talen Horton-Tucker, a third-year winger, will be ready to play his first game of the season.

That may be great news for a Lakers club that has been led by forward Kent Bazemore and guard Avery Bradley, two of the league’s worst starters. When Bazemore is on the court, the Lakers have an offensive rating of 100.1 points per 100 possessions and a defensive rating of 108.7. According to, he has a minus-8.5 net rating this season, which ranks sixth worst in the NBA among players who have started at least six games for teams above.500.

Bradley has a minus-16.9 net rating, which is the worst of the bunch. He’s started the past seven games for the Lakers.

Horton-Tucker has been sidelined since October due to a thumb injury that necessitated surgery. He was a key player for the team last season, appearing in 65 games and averaging 9.0 points, 2.8 assists, and 2.6 rebounds in 20.1 minutes per game. He possesses defensive skills and a propensity for attacking the basket, but he has struggled with his 3-point shooting, making just 28.2 percent of his shots from outside the arc last season.

Nonetheless, with the Lakers’ roster depleted, Horton-return Tucker’s is quite welcome. LeBron James is still sidelined with an abdominal strain, while guard Austin Reaves has a hamstring issue that will keep him out for two weeks. Trevor Ariza (ankle) and Kendrick Nunn (ankle/knee) have both been ruled out.

According to Frank Vogel, Talen Horton-Tucker will resume contact practice on Tuesday. Due to thumb surgery, Horton-Tucker has been sidelined since the preseason. THT will have to be incorporated back into the rotation once it is completely cleared, according to Vogel.

November 8, 2021 — Dave McMenamin (@mcten)

Horton-Tucker has a chance to crack the starting lineup.

It’ll be interesting to see how long Horton-Tucker needs to get back into game condition after missing the Lakers’ 7-6 start. The Lakers’ backcourt partner for point guard Russell Westbrook was a bit of a mystery heading into the season, and Horton-Tucker was thought to be a top contender for one of the Lakers’ wing slots.

Instead, Bradley has been playing shooting guard and Bazemore has been playing small forward. This isn’t good. He’s the “odd man out” and “roasted,” according to one Twitter user named Bazemore.

Bazemore is quickly becoming the odd man out, since he can’t shoot as effectively as the rest of the team and isn’t compensating on defense. When they become well, he’s done.

11 November 2021 — Snowman (@MxLgEli)

When ESPN’s Zach Lowe named THT one of the five “most fascinating” young players in the NBA this season, he mentioned Horton-troubles Tucker’s from three-point range:

On the outside, no one will protect Horton-Tucker until he makes opponents pay. However, he is by far the most essential young player on an aging squad; the Lakers emphasized this by re-signing Horton-Tucker to a three-year, $30.8 million contract, thus picking him over Alex Caruso, and coaches have debated starting Horton-Tucker this season, according to sources. The Lakers are looking for two-way wings to complement Anthony Davis at center, and Horton-Tucker might be one of them if he can hit enough open threes.

That may be good news for Lakers fans who have grown tired of watching veteran Kent Bazemore in the starting five for the last 13 games. This season, Bazemore is averaging 5.2 points per game while shooting 33.3 percent from the field and 30.8 percent from beyond the arc.

Horton-Tucker is picking up tips from Lakers veterans.

Even though Horton-Tucker will be competing for minutes against much older veterans (he’s just 20) coming season, he’s recognized the potential to learn from the veterans.

According to, Horton-Tucker told reporters last week, “I’ve always believed that simply being among a group like this is going to be crucial for my progress.” “It’s been amazing for me just to be able to see and be among men like this.” … I just want to be able to go out there and get a sense of who I am. Examine my mental state, as well as my training and other factors, to ensure that I am physically and psychologically prepared to play. So I’m just going to take it day by day.”



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The “Lakers Will Get Talen Horton” is a prediction that the Lakers will get him. The Clippers are in need of a point guard, but they don’t have enough money to sign him. Reference: clippers.

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