In 2021, Strun Prime is a second-tier raiding guild that sees its members as the elite of internet gamers. Not much has changed since it formed in 2006, but now they have become known for their skillful and creative gameplay. However, with an influx of new recruits from all over the world and changes to how raids work on Strun Prime’s end (there are no longer separate servers), things will need to change if this group wants to stay relevant and continue competing at the top tier throughout 2020 and beyond

Strun Prime is a new build that has been released for the game Path of Exile. It features many changes, including some major ones. The “strun prime build” is one of the builds that are featured in this guide.

The Strun prime, like the Strun Wraith, is the last and well-deserved development of the Strun shotgun.

The Strun Prime is a mastery 13 prime form of the Strun shotgun, and it’s one of the many new additions to the prime weapons list, as well as the list of first weapons to become prime weapons.

Its enhancement above the normal issue Strun and Strun Wraith, like other prime weapons, making it one of the must-have weapons if you want to challenge and participate in end-game content.

It’s one of the game’s numerous prime weapons, and like other prime weapons, it’ll have to be farmed from particular relics.

The most powerful weapon Variants of weapons are always stronger than their standard equivalents, but they need players to pay attention to the precise relics that include these weapons, as well as how long they will be in rotation, since not every prime component is accessible.

More Information about Strun Prime


Despite the fact that this is the primed form of a basic weapon, I recommend utilizing it since it combines all of the greatest features of the other varieties into one golden flawless beauty.

Surprisingly, this weapon does not need a large amount of forma to max out, and it requires even less to make it excellent than its prior variations, however whatever forma you choose to spend will be well worth it.

This weapon, like the Strun, primarily does impact damage, but it also deals additional slash damage.

It possesses incredible status and has a better probability of achieving high status and a higher ammunition efficiency than the Strun Wraith. It maintains the large number of intrinsic multi-shots.

The Strun Wraith, on the other hand, often improves on the strun. It was still a weapon I’d choose for high-level missions, such as those with a level of 70 or above.

The Strun Prime is a weapon I’d level up since it’s the greatest Strun Variant and perhaps one of the finest Primed shotguns in the game right now.

Where can I get a Strun Prime and how can I make one?

The Strun prime, like other prime weapons, is made up of multiple relic pieces. These components are the AXI I2 Receiver, the Lith N7 Barrel, the Neo N17 Stock, and the Meso S10 Blueprint.


To get the Lith relics, complete the rapid capture task known as hepit in the vacuum region of the star map; to obtain the Meso relic, complete the mission known as Io on Jupiter.

This is a defensive assignment, thus I would propose doing 10 waves, then leaving the task and returning until you have the relic you desire.

The Neo relic may be farmed in Xini on Eris. The first reward rotation will reward you with a Neo relic. Finally, during the b and c rotations, the Axi relic is on xini in Eris. The neo will be used for the first prize, while the Axi will be used for the second and third rewards.

The problem is that prime relics are infamous for being tough to harvest since you won’t always acquire the relics you seek even if you complete these missions.

When you have all of the relics you desire, you should join a relic run with other individuals who have the same relic so that you have the highest chance of acquiring the Strun prime portion.

Advantages of Strun Prime


The Strun Prime, like the Strun Wraith, is a weapon that improves on earlier versions.

Its first benefit is that it does more impact and slash damage than the Strun Wraith, which, when combined with the fact that impact dissolves shields, renders the corpus ineffective.

Even if it doesn’t shatter their shields, every shot causes foes to be staggered. This means you’ll continue to do damage to foes while also having a solid source of cc once each first shot hits them.

Its high status combined with a high-status build may be utilized to its advantage, as you can simply craft a high slash build to deal with the harder adversaries, but you can also add gas for twice the impact.

It has a starting multi shot of 12 pellets, which is an upgrade over the Strun Wraith, meaning you receive 12 pellets every round with no further multi shot modifications.

Despite having a lesser status than the Strun Wraith, it causes more damage each shot since it has two more pellets, resulting in more total damage.

This is significant since status is computed separately for each pellet that strikes the adversary with all shotguns, thus the more pellets you fire that inflict greater damage, the more chances you have of triggering the status probability.

Last but not least, it reloads one shot at a time, much like the normal Strun. As a result, you may pause or resume at any moment. Its advantage over the ordinary Strun was a greater base crit chance, much as the Strun Wraith.

The strun prime one improves on this by having a greater base crit chance, making crit builds a must-have on this weapon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with status builds as well.

Disadvantages of Strun Prime

Even though the Strun prime has few drawbacks, it does have some. The first is that it has the lowest basic damage per shot of all the primed shotguns.

While crit and status may help, if you can’t use them consistently, you’ll notice a disadvantage when compared to other primed shotguns like the Astilla or Corinth prime.

The second issue is that, while though you can reload each round one at a time, the overall reload time is still sluggish, and because of how it is reloaded, adding modifications that increase magazine capacity would indirectly increase the reload time.

The final point is that, although it is better than the Strun Wraith, its status is still lower, which means that the status builds won’t be as powerful as they might be, necessitating the use of an additional mod slot to compensate.

Strun Prime Builds that Work

Let’s get started with the greatest Strun Prime builds.

1) End-of-Game Situation (2 Forma)


When it comes to primed weapons, the fact is that you don’t want to be employing novice builds with them. This is an endgame Strun Prime build that allows you to take use of the Strun Prime’s high multi shot.

The strun prime, unlike its other forms, focuses more on crit and multi shot than overall status, thus this is a workable build, but you might be dealing more damage by investing in a little more crit.

2) Viral / Slash / Crit in the late game (3 Forma)


This build is a lot more enjoyable than the previous one since it takes use of Strun Prime’s crit while still allowing you to utilize viral as a status. The sluggish reload speed is helped by the chilling reload.

While the Hunter munitions provide you a different damage type other than impact and slash every time you crit, the Galvanized Hell should give you a multi shot of 40, each with a chance to apply virus, impact puncture, or slash if you’re on a lengthy assignment and it’s completely stacked.

3) Viral / Heat / Crit at the end of the game (2 Forma)


Now, this build wonderfully mixes Status Crit and Multi Shot. You must give up Galvanized Savvy, but this build allows you to have about 47 pellets every shot while maintaining the same amount of crit.

It also replaces slash damage with heat damage in order to degrade the armour of the opponents you’re fighting. Because it only costs two forms, this design is the ideal combination of both builds while still being relatively minimal upkeep.

This is the build I would suggest if you can’t commit to putting a lot of form into this weapon.

The “strun prime blueprint” is a build guide for Strun Prime. The build has been updated to the latest version of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Strun prime?

A: Strun prime is a very good blade and can be used for infinite combos in Beat Saber.

How do I get Strun prime?

A: Strun Prime is a limited item that can be obtained through the games store. The only way to get it if you do not have one already, or are unable to purchase it, would be by playing online matches and completing certain tasks.

How do you mod Corinth prime?

A: You cant.

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