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Some Boston Red Sox players viewed Houston Astros All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa’s gesture of pointing to an imaginary wristwatch — signaling it was “his time” in the postseason — as arrogance in showing up losing pitcher Hansel Robles when he hit his seventh-inning home run in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series.

“It didn’t worry me in the least. You can’t make errors against Correa, who is one of the finest hitters in baseball. But I did believe for a second that some of that things, like standing at home plate and pointing to the watch, was a little excessive “Robles, who talked to ESPN.com in Spanish on Saturday in Houston, was reluctant. “But let me tell you something: there’s no need for me to be angry with Correa. I was the one who pitched the idea. He performed his job in that at-bat, but I didn’t.”

However, other teammates disagreed: after retiring Correa to end the top of the sixth inning in Game 3 at Fenway Park, with Boston leading by six runs, Eduardo Rodriguez mockingly pointed to an imaginary watch.

Game 1 pits Carlos Correa against Eduardo Rodriguez, while Game 3 pits Eduardo Rodriguez against Carlos Correa.

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19 October 2021 — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)

As Rodriguez returned to the bench, Boston manager Alex Cora urged him, “Don’t do that.”

“Because we don’t behave in that manner. We simply come there, play, and go on, and he’s aware of it. I informed him “In a postgame press conference, Cora remarked. “We are not obligated to do so. We’re in the wrong business if we’re seeking for inspiration outside of what we’re attempting to do. Our sole aim is to beat them in four games and advance to the next round.”

Following his chat with Cora, Rodriguez expressed guilt for the celebration, stating, “If I see Correa in person, I’ll apologize because that’s not something I usually do, and it was just part of the game. That is all there is to it.”

Correa stated before the Sox’s 9-5 Game 2 victory in Houston that he didn’t feel the need to apologize for what may have been seen as a breach of etiquette.

“I wasn’t trying to put anybody down; I was simply having fun,” Correa told ESPN.com.

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He said, ” “It was simply a simple celebration with my teammates, having nothing to do with the other team. I adore all of those gentlemen over there. All of those men have my respect. We didn’t get off to a good start in the game, and I simply wanted to energise my squad a little. It was a postseason celebration of a tremendous home run.”

Major League Baseball’s on-field culture is evolving, exposing many of the conflicts that exist under the surface of a sport that alienates those who do not obey the unwritten norms of “old school” baseball.

“At the end of the day, we’re in the entertainment industry,” Correa added. “Even if there are a lot of old-school heads in the game, this is still a show industry, and people come here to see a performance. We’re here to have a good time and win games.”

“Baseball is a sport that I adore. And all I care about is that my fans respect what I do and adore me for the way I play “Correa said. “What helps me sleep happily at night is caring about what my fans and family think of me.”

The 27-year-old shortstop said it doesn’t bother him that the Astros, particularly him and second baseman Jose Altuve, have been cast in the evil role since a sign-stealing controversy rocked their 2017 title season.

The possibility of “getting one in the ribs” in retribution doesn’t help either. “Then my on-base % would go up,” Correa said with a sour grin.

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