Filing cabinets are also known as hanging file folders, wall-mounted filing units or vertical file units. These essentials for office storage have been around since the 1800s and have not changed much in design over time due to their universal application. Most people who use them do so because they offer a convenient way of storing collections of papers that is not easy to find on desktops or other flat surfaces.

The “best filing cabinet” is the best option for storing numerous documents and stuff. The cabinets are large, so they can hold a lot of files and folders. They also have high-quality locks that keep your important files safe from prying eyes.

Large filing cabinets are the ideal option for managing massive volumes of papers and paperwork.

However, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. So, in this study, we’ll look at the finest file cabinets for keeping your workplace tidy and organized. Find important information in the purchasing advice at the conclusion of the article.

15 of the Best Large Filing Cabinets


Lee Lateral File Cabinet by Sandusky

Item that has been certified The Sandusky Lee is a tall file cabinet with a lot of storage space. It doesn’t need any assembly and is ready to use right away. For maximum strength and minimal weight, the producer employs 22-gauge recycled steel. Durability and stability are provided by the all-welded structure. Many high-quality requirements are met.


Drawers with full extension The dimensions of this long file cabinet are 36” wide, 28.7” tall, and 19.2” deep. A variety of hues are available. On smooth ball-bearing slides, two drawers with complete extension glide. Hanging file folders, books, office supplies, and more may all be stored here. With a single key, you can lock both drawers.

Points to Consider:

  • Multiple color options are available.
  • it’s already constructed
  • structure made of steel that is completely welded
  • satisfies all safety and quality requirements
  • two drawers with complete extension
  • intended for large-volume filing


Costa File Cabinet by Sauder

Costa Collection is a collection of Costa products. This lateral file cabinet is part of the Costa line by Sauder. The evaluated chalked chestnut model successfully combines appearance and functionality. For the home office, this solid wood lateral file cabinet is excellent. Engineered wood is used to construct the structure, which is both sturdy and environmentally friendly.


Drawers with Style This large file cabinet is 30″ tall, 33.2″ wide, and 21″ deep. On the drawer panels, both drawers have attractive, framed slat front features. Letter- and legal-size hanging file folders are held in drawers that glide on smooth ball bearing slides. Only one drawer may open at a time due to the interlocking safety system.

Points to Consider:

  • file cabinet with a rustic feel
  • Detailed drawers with framed slat fronts
  • Finished in a chalked chestnut color
  • ideal for use in a home office
  • timber structure that is long lasting
  • two drawers with complete extension
  • safety interlock system (patent pending)


SOHO 2-Drawer File Cabinet by Hirsh

Materials that are favorable to the environment Hirsh Soho might be the right option for your requirements if you’re seeking for a solid and incredibly durable file cabinet. The large file cabinet is of professional-grade quality and may be used in both business and home settings. The company employs Greenguard certified products that are environmentally friendly.


Rails for hanging Even on uneven terrain, adjustable front leveling glides keep the file cabinet steady and flat. There is a scratch- and impact-resistant surface on the sturdy steel structure. A built-in lock keeps both drawers safe at the same time. Hang rails for several letter-size file folders are included in the black 2-drawer lateral file cabinet.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral filing cabinet, large
  • commercially acceptable quality
  • suited for both business and private usage
  • surface that is resistant to impact
  • steel structure that is long lasting
  • Both drawers are secured with a lock.


Vertical File Cabinet Phoenix

The Max Protection Phoenix is a high-end file cabinet that provides optimum security for your valuables. It is approved for document protection, USB devices, memory sticks, CDs, and DVDs. The black, grey, and putty colors of the reviewed 4-drawer vertical file cabinet are available. The overall measurements are 54″ high, 19.8″ wide, and 31″ deep.


Fire-Resistant File Cabinet Hanging letter-size file folders may be stored in four high side drawers. The package also includes follower blocks. This large file cabinet has a separate insulated compartment with an inner steel jacket for each drawer. Phoenix is a fire-resistant rating that has been tested at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, it’s water and impact resistant.

Points to Consider:

  • four-drawer vertical filing cabinet
  • Blocks for followers are provided
  • Three hues are offered.
  • a fire-resistant filing cabinet
  • water and impact resistance
  • a costly object


Lockable Modern Luxe File Cabinet

Item of Significant Size The Modern Luxe is a huge lateral file cabinet that takes up a lot of room. This model is available in two colors: white and black. On the bottom, there are plastic cushions to protect your floor from scratches. The construction is built of high-quality metal for long-term use.


Drawers that can be locked This lateral file cabinet is 28.4″ H x 17.7″ D x 35.4″ W in black. Place your printer, scanner, fax machine, or other office gadget on the desk’s large surface. Hanging letter/legal files, books, notes, and office supplies may all be stored in the two large file drawers. Both drawers are secured with a built-in lock.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral filing cabinet, large
  • White and black are both options.
  • pads of plastic protection
  • structure made of metal
  • two large drawers for storing files and other office materials
  • Both of the drawers may be locked.


Hon File Cabinet with 4 Drawers

Quality that is comparable to that of a commercial product When it comes to commercial-grade file cabinets, Hon is a well-known brand. A tamper-resistant enclosed base is included with this model. It has a double-walled base and is composed of high-quality all-welded metal. The unit’s dimensions are 30″ wide, 53″ tall, and 19.2″ deep.


System of Safety Interlocks Letter and legal-size file folders may be stored in these four drawers. They’re completely extensible and glide around on ball-bearing slides with ease. The detachable lock cores of Hon’s huge locking file cabinet may be changed as required. The locking lateral file cabinet has a method of safety interlock to prevent it from toppling over.

Points to Consider:

  • a well-known commercial filing cabinet
  • structure made of steel that is completely welded
  • Extra protection is provided by the double-walled foundation.
  • four drawers with rails for hanging clothes
  • Drawers that can be completely extended
  • lock cores that can be removed
  • safety interlock mechanism


Lateral File Cabinet Phoenix

Product with a Warranty

Your papers are protected by the Phoenix lateral file cabinet, which is insured and assured against fire, smoke, damage, and water. If this fireproof lateral file cabinet catches fire, you’ll receive a 3-year labor and parts guarantee as well as a free replacement. The structure is made of high-quality alloy steel and is completed with oven-baked textured enamel paint.


For high-capacity filing, there are four spacious drawers. They can hold file folders in letter and legal sizes. The anti-tip safety feature prevents the large filing cabinet from toppling over. A lock with high security will lock all drawers together at the same time. Phoenix has passed fire, explosion, and impact tests, making it very safe to use.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral filing cabinet with four drawers
  • steel construction
  • intended for large-volume filing
  • Letter and legal-size documents
  • high-security lock
  • Fire, impact, smoke, and explosion protection


5 Drawer File Cabinet by Safco

Greenguard Guidelines This type fulfills Greenguard criteria for reduced chemical emissions since it is made by Safco, a high-quality flat file cabinet manufacturer. Its dimensions are 42″ wide, 30″ deep, and 16.5″ tall. Made of high-quality steel, the construction is very long-lasting and strong. The huge flat file cabinet is impact and scratch resistant.


Drawers (5) For high-capacity filing, there are five broad drawers. Two comfortable handles are included in each drawer. Large papers and files, such as plans, artwork, and more, fit well in these drawers. They have a capacity of 500 sheets. Label holders aid in the identification of stored items.

Points to Consider:

  • file cabinet with a large flat surface
  • thing that is long lasting and robust
  • satisfies all safety and quality requirements
  • constructed of long-lasting steel
  • Label holders are built into five drawers.
  • holds a lot of documentation


Light Grey File Cabinet Alera

Alera is a well-liked and high-quality lateral file cabinet for persons who need to store a lot of paperwork. It comes in three different colors: light grey, black, and putty. The reinforced structure of the Alera big lateral file cabinet is built of robust and high-quality steel. It is 140 pounds in weight.


Panels with two walls The unit’s measurements are 29″ tall, 36″ wide, and 19.2″ deep. Leg levelers on this metal lateral file cabinet with 2 drawers keep the file cabinet flat even on uneven terrain. Extra protection is provided by the double-walled drawer front. For letter/legal file folders, there are dangling rails that go side to side.

Points to Consider:

  • intended to handle high-volume filing
  • fabrication of reinforced steel
  • There are three color options available.
  • Leg levelers provide for a more secure stance.
  • drawer panel with two walls
  • side-to-side hanging rails


Intergreat File Cabinet with Lock

Assembly is required. The Intergreat is a large file cabinet with four hanging rails, as well as hardware and instructions. The installation is necessary, and an installation video may be found on the Intergreat official website. It can support a total weight of 220 pounds. This large file cabinet is 28.4” H x 35.4” W x 17.7” D.


Drawers with plenty of space A robust cold-rolled steel frame supports the whole structure, ensuring that each file drawer can bear a heavy load of documents. Two roomy drawers with hanging rails for file folders are included in this metal file cabinet with a lock. A built-in lock keeps both drawers secure and your kept belongings safe.

Points to Consider:

  • assembly is required
  • a large carrying capacity
  • fabrication of reinforced steel
  • there are two large drawers
  • Rails for hanging are supplied.
  • Both drawers are secured with a lock.


Steel Lateral File Cabinet by Aobabo

Construction of High Quality This large file cabinet is constructed of heavy-duty steel. It has a smooth surface with a powder coating that resists scratches and corrosion. Its dimensions are 40″ tall, 28.2″ wide, and 17.7″ deep. Because the Aobabo huge file cabinet needs assembly, it comes with instructions, hardware, and tools.


File Folders to Hang It can support up to 330 pounds of weight, making it suitable for use in workplaces. Three spacious drawers with adjustable hanging bars are included in this office furniture file cabinet. Letter-size and legal-size file folders are readily stored. The anti-tilt safety feature stops the filing cabinet from toppling over.

Points to Consider:

  • steel construction
  • powder-coated surface
  • corrosion-resistant
  • three large drawers
  • Letter/legal file hanging bars
  • anti-tilt system is a device that prevents a person from tilting


Lateral File Cabinet Bonnlo

Finish: Pure White Bonnlo is a contemporary lateral file cabinet that would look great in any modern workplace. It is made of strong metal and has a high-quality outer finish, making it long-lasting and solid. Its surface is scratch and stain resistant. The Bonnlo huge file cabinet can contain up to 330 pounds of documents.


Assembly is required. The construction of this white 2-drawer lateral file cabinet is recommended for 2-3 individuals, according to the manufacturer. Its entire measurements are 35.5″ wide, 17.7″ deep, and 28.7″ tall. On ball-bearing slides, both spacious drawers move smoothly. They can hold hanging file folders in letter and legal sizes.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral filing cabinet, wide
  • a strong metal framework
  • surface that is scratch-resistant
  • assembly is required
  • two full-extension drawers
  • letter/legal files may be accommodated


2-Drawer File Cabinet by Tribesigns

Black and white photographs Tribesigns is a lateral file cabinet that can accommodate a wide range of storage requirements. It has a white exterior with black drawers. The bundle includes detailed instructions and tools. It comes with a one-year warranty. Tribesings is a large file cabinet that measures 39.4″ wide, 26″ tall, and 15.7″ deep.


Casters with a Lock It’s composed of water and scratch-resistant particleboard that’s also environmentally beneficial. Tribesigns has there are four open shelves where you can store your binders, books, notes, decorative things, and other stuff. Two large drawers are located in the center. The two-drawer mobile file cabinet moves in any direction thanks to four swivel casters.

Points to Consider:

  • Design in white and black
  • A one-year warranty is included.
  • drawers and shelves in a lateral filing cabinet
  • four open shelves
  • two file drawers with plenty of space
  • For mobility, there are four swivel casters.


Palladia Vintage File Cabinet by Sauder

Warranty: 5 Years The Sauder Palladia is an excellent option for elevating your home office with an antique wood file cabinet. This is a beautiful lateral file cabinet that needs to be put together. Hardware, tools, and instructions are all included in the box. It comes with a 5-year warranty.


Finish: Vintage Oak This enormous antique file cabinet is 29.6 inches in height, 22 inches in depth, and 36.8 inches in width. The structure is built of environmentally friendly engineered wood with an antique oak finish. On each drawer, there are two little knob handles. Letter and legal-size hanging file folders fit in both drawers. Palladia has a built-in anti-tip function.

Points to Consider:

  • vintage filing cabinet with style
  • structure made of engineered wood
  • finish in antique oak
  • assembly is required
  • A 5-year warranty is included.
  • there are two large drawers


Black File Cabinet by Bush Furniture

File Cabinet Made of Wood Bush Furniture’s file cabinet is excellent for use in the home office or at home. It comes with a one-year guarantee and has a lovely, elegant design. It’s made of long-lasting engineered wood and adds a classic feel to your home. Decorative wood accents, tapering legs, and curved base rails adorn this large home office cabinet.


Two spacious drawers This two-drawer black wood file cabinet features a classic black finish that is slightly weathered. There is enough of room for your belongings – set your printer or scanner on the broad tabletop, and there are two large drawers. You can easily access your letter- and legal-size files with these full-extension drawers.

Points to Consider:

  • A one-year warranty is included.
  • composed of long-lasting engineered wood
  • the finish is antique black
  • a large amount of storage
  • two large drawers for paperwork and supplies
  • wood elements that are appealing

What You Should Know About Large Filing Cabinets

Buying any huge file cabinet may not be the best option since there are other variables to consider. Examine file cabinet designs, create high-quality storage, and more. Continue reading to locate the perfect item for your requirements.

Types of File Cabinets – There are two kinds of file cabinets: lateral and vertical. If you need a file cabinet that can carry a lot of weight, vertical file cabinets with more than three drawers are a smart choice. Wide drawers and stronger structures are features of modern lateral file cabinets.

Large Drawers – Before you purchase, read the product description and make sure the drawers are the right size. This is dependent on the files you want to save. Long and big papers and files, such as tabloid-size paper, plans, and artwork, are best stored in horizontal and flat-file cabinets. Large file cabinet drawers often have a length of up to 40 inches, a width of roughly 30 inches, and a depth of around 20 inches.

When your file cabinet isn’t in use, make sure it’s locked. Especially if you need to keep secret and sensitive data and papers. You may locate a central lock that secures all drawers at the same time or individual locks on each drawer, depending on the lock type.

Built-in file cabinets may be composed of a variety of materials, including solid wood, particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, steel, metal, and plastic. Steel is the most durable material. The solid wood file cabinets, on the other hand, are robust and give your home office/office a classic feel.

Safety Interlock System – A large file cabinet that handles a lot of documents should have a safety interlock system installed. This mechanism enables you to open one drawer at a time while keeping the rest of the drawers closed. This will protect your file cabinet from toppling over.

The Final Word

In addition to our advice, we suggest that you carefully study the huge filing cabinet description. Read our reviews on legal size file cabinets and flat file cabinets to learn more about alternative file cabinets built for huge files and papers. Check out our piece on the best-rated file cabinets on the market right now.

The “modern filing cabinet” is a unique piece of furniture. It’s designed to hold numerous documents and other stuff, so it can be used for both personal and business purposes.

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