Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates the harvest and thankfulness for all of our blessings. Traditionally, it’s a time to get together with loved ones and have some great food from Thanksgiving dinner. With so many people gathered around one table at the same time, it can be hard to keep track of everyone’s health or whereabouts in concern if they need anything.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (CBSLA) – Thanksgiving is less than a week away, which means the holidays are rapidly approaching – is it safe to gather with family and friends?

Los Angeles County Public Health officials said they are hopeful that people may congregate securely now that the threat of a post-Halloween spike has gone, particularly because so many people have been vaccinated and are still taking measures.

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“I give some good news about Halloween because now we know we can have festivities, make some safety improvements, and still have everyone have a nice time without causing a major spike.” And that’s what we’re aiming for during Thanksgiving,” Ferrer said at the COVID-19 meeting held by the county on Thursday.


NOVEMBER 26TH, LOS ANGELES, CA: On November 26, 2020, at a meeting in Los Angeles, California, the Broughton family prays together. Families have changed their plans in accordance with CDC recommendations. “This year, hardly many individuals were able to attend Thanksgiving. The CDC standards are something I appreciate, and we’ve been following them in our own family routines. We’ve been fighting, socially isolating, wearing masks, and isolating for the last year. Dr. Christopher Broughton remarked, “I wanted my family to feel appreciated for their work and to celebrate together this Thanksgiving – to realize that we should be in Thanksgiving every day.” Due to an increase in COVID-19 instances, the state of California has mandated that all non-essential labor and activities cease between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. in all counties throughout the state beginning November 21, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Brandon Bell)

People who have not been vaccinated, according to Ferrer, are at a greater risk of illness, hospitalization, and death. Unvaccinated persons are nine times more likely to get infected and 67 times more likely to be hospitalized, according to current statistics, she added.

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Since the summer high at the end of August, hospitalizations in California have dropped by roughly half. However, they have begun to spread in certain regions, notably in the Central Valley and parts of Southern California, such as Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, where vaccination rates are lower.

Before immunizations were widely accessible, last year’s Christmas season resulted in a disastrous winter spike that overloaded hospitals throughout the country. Hospital officials say they haven’t seen a surge of patients in months in certain parts of the nation where the chilly weather forced people inside earlier in the autumn.

Due to the enormous number of individuals who have been vaccinated and the availability of boosters for those who were among the first to obtain their injections, this year should not see the same high number of cases.

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However, for those who wish to be extra careful, public health experts suggest that outdoor meetings are the safest choice, and that masks should be used if a group of both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons gathers inside.