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The Twitch co-founder, Justin Kan, recently raised $35 million to support his new company, Fractal. The seed round will help Fractal expand its business, develop new products, and hire key employees. This is the largest seed round ever raised in the US gaming industry, and it’s exciting news for investors, entrepreneurs, and gamers alike.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of the seed round and how it impacts the gaming industry:

Twitch Co-Founder Raises $35M Seed Round for Fractal

Twitch is a live streaming video platform, founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company started as a spin-off of, and two former Justin co-founded executives: Emmett Shear and Kevin Lin. Since its launch Twitch has quickly become the leading live streaming service for gamers, with over 45 million gamers visiting the site each month to watch others play and interact with their favourite video games.

Emmett Shear serves as the current CEO of Twitch, having previously served as the CEO of from 2007-2011 before Twitch’s founding. He was also an early engineer at Microsoft and led research at Amazon Lab126 before launching his startups. Kevin Lin currently serves as Twitch’s COO, having previously been part of Justin’s executive team.TV/Socialcam in multiple roles since 2008.

In 2014, Shear and Lin both left their positions at Twitch to found Fractal Labs – a data science consulting firm that helps organisations discover insights from data that drive results in customer experience optimization, employee engagement, and marketing optimization – using machine learning algorithms developed by fractal experts across hundreds of datasets that are specific to each organisation’s needs.

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Recently (2020), Shear announced he had closed a new $35M investment round for Fractal helping it scale into new markets faster than before while bolstering its core machine learning talent base even further with more specialised engineers coming onboard soon – an inspiring example framed by benefit corporation status to ensure Fractal is focused on long term goals aligned with social good rather than short term investor gains – leveraging past successes while focused on progress for innovate solutions going forward set up for success yet again by such incredible leaders from its deep technical history.

Overview of Fractal

Fractal, a business intelligence platform founded by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear (former co-founder of Twitch), recently closed a $35M Series B round of financing. Andreessen Horowitz and Tribe Capital led the funding. This article will explore why the founders chose star financiers and what they plan to do with their new funds.

Fractal aims to simplify data analytics for businesses. The platform provides in-depth real-time data visualisations to turn unstructured raw data into actionable insights that empower companies to improve decision making and gain competitive advantage.

By democratising BI, Fractal enables anyone in an organisation to access critical insights quickly and easily at any time or place with its cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) model. This provides greater control over the analytics process for businesses of any size.

The platform also leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms, allowing users to draw out more meaningful insights from even large amounts of data without requiring technical expertise in analytics or SQL knowledge from users, eliminating the need for costly custom development projects and manual processes that usually take weeks or months to complete.

Reasons for the Investment

On May 28th, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin announced a $35M seed round in Fractal, a startup that produces AI-driven customer support. The round included investors such as Threshold Ventures, Formation 8, TransLink Capital, and CRV.

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There must have been some compelling reasons for the investment. So let’s take a look at why Twitch co-founder invested in Fractal.

Fractal’s Unique Technology

Fractal is a cloud-based analytics system that leverages advanced AI algorithms and computer vision to help extract, monitor and manage data. Their technology has four key features, which provide customers with better visibility into their consumer usage and market trends: advanced artificial intelligence, deep learning, human cognition modelling and distributed learning. Through this combination of features, Fractal aims to help businesses provide more accurate data analysis and predictions in different areas including customer segmentation, product usage trend identification, marketing campaigns optimization, user profiling/retargeting, risk assessment/fraud prevention and much more.

Additionally, the platform will incorporate a layer of privacy protection by allowing customers to restrict access based on GDPR rules. This will give businesses more confidence in working with sensitive customer information while still getting the valuable insights they need from the data. With these capabilities in place, Fractal can help any business get an edge over their competition.

Potential Market Opportunity

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan recently raised $35M for his latest venture, Fractal. Fractal is an AI-powered video marketplace to help companies make better decisions about customer service and ad delivery. This funding reflects the potential market opportunity for businesses of all sizes to capitalise on artificial intelligence tools.

Fractal’s AI-driven platform allows companies to quickly analyse customer data, determine customer patterns and build personalised media campaigns accordingly. The platform can identify key insights by analysing customer behaviour and suggest creative adjustments to improve customer experiences or ad delivery. This could help companies better target messages and create a more seamless experience for customers while also helping them save time and optimise workflow efficiency.

Beyond improving the customer experience, Fractal’s algorithm-driven tools can also enhance advertising efforts by targeting customers who are most likely to respond positively to campaigns or special offers. AI can also be used for personalization in areas such as product recommendations, creating a unique shopping experience tailored to individual customers that could drive increased sales.

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By leveraging AI technology like Fractal’s, businesses of all sizes would be able to manage their customer relationships more efficiently and increase engagement with their most influential audiences.

Experienced Leadership Team

The leadership team behind Fractal, centred around co-founder Emmett Shear, also the CEO of Twitch, has vast experience in the tech world. Shear’s experience includes being a director at Yahoo and a CTO at Justine.AI, as well as being an investor in several companies and a frequent speaker at industry events.

The other key members of the leadership team have similarly impressive backgrounds – Taktaz Bashi is the company’s CTO and he has held tech roles at Twitter and Apple; Ed Frack is VP of engineering, who formerly served as principal engineer for Twitter; Sarah Liu is VP of product and was previously a partner manager for Glympse; Kyle Owens is VP of data science and was previously a director at Google; Safa Khanzada Ogbi serves as VP of operations from her last stint with Lyft; Hayden Soryal helps lead product delivery from his experience as capital one’s platform lead for APIs development.

Altogether, with this deep expertise across many sectors, it’s no wonder that Venture Partners was able to raise $35M to invest in Fractal— investors are confident that this experienced leadership team will be able to achieve great things with Fractal.

Impact of the Investment

The investment by Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear in Fractal is an important move, both for Fractal and the gaming community. It marks a major milestone in Fractal’s growth, and provides it with the financial resources to expand its operations and capabilities. In addition, this investment could, potentially, have a big impact on the future of gaming, so it is important to take a closer look at the implications of this development.

Increased Visibility for Fractal

The investment of $35 million from Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch and other venture capitalists in startup Fractal, is a big vote of confidence for the growth potential of the software automation suite. The funding will help Fractal accelerate its development efforts and drive expansion into new markets.

The influx of cash provides greater visibility for a company that has operated largely under the radar. This increased awareness will likely draw more attention from developers seeking solutions to automate manual coding processes. With these funds, Fractal can expand its team and bolster even further their commitment to developing an intuitive system that enables coders to quickly create effective code using visual blocks.

Fractal’s software provides developers with a faster way to write code without sacrificing quality or accuracy. It offers robust solutions that maximise efficiency while allowing coders ample room for creativity. Increased investments like this will help the company bring these powerful tools to bear on larger projects by:

  • Helping scale the development resources at Fractal’s disposal
  • Providing support services such as training and customer service assistance

This increased focus will allow Fractal to attract top talent and provide increased focus on marketing and product development.

Potential for Strategic Partnerships

One of the advantages of the investment raised was the ability to partner with a range of strategic partners that could open up new opportunities for growth for Fractal. For example, partnering with Twitch co-founder Justin Kan’s venture capital firm, Social Capital, could advance the development and deployment of Fractal’s AI products as Social Capital has experience working with companies in this space. This partnership also brings additional capital funding and expertise, providing Fractal with valuable resources and access to exclusive deals from larger industry players.

By forming collaborations with key players in the industry, Fractal increases their opportunity to advance its technology further. For example, by partnering with software engineering company Persistent Systems, they can accelerate product delivery while reducing costs and product development cycles. Strategic partnerships also create an opportunity for more depth in data usage and analysis which can improve decision making accuracy within organisations utilising these services.

Partnerships like these are integral to Fractal’s continued success in serving customers effectively while leveraging current industry technologies as they deploy solutions in markets requiring advanced solutions and competitive market analysis insights.

Further Investment Opportunities

The $35 million investment from Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin into the gamified video editing platform Fractal illustrates the potential for further investment opportunities in this field. The financial backing of an experienced leader and industry experts like Reid Hoffman, venture capitalist and co-founder of LinkedIn, provides almost unlimited potential and significantly opens up options for widespread market penetration.

This partnership offers the ability to scale Fractal’s platform into new markets, utilising talent and resources throughout their international offices. In addition, their strategic alliance provides access to capital and network connections that can help grow their product offerings beyond what was previously possible.

Finally, offering open source solutions to satisfy technology requirements accelerates the time-to-market with immediate feedback from peers to refine products before launch. By providing these benefits, there is an increased probability that the investment will be commercially successful on a much larger scale than a single game or series of games could achieve.

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