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A utility that allows you to control all of the RGB LED lighting effects on your CORSAIR iCUE compatible devices with one simple application. If you want to synchronize every component in your system with your CPU temp, Corsair Commander is what you need.

This app is available for Windows and macOS, and the current version up is v1.4.58 (published: June 02, 2018). The installation file weighs in at around 2 MB by our count – not too much to worry about here! This program has been designed with ease of use in mind as it will automatically look for CORSAIR iCUE compatible devices. If you have more than one, Corsair Commander PRO RGB Setup will also allow you to select the device you want to configure. Using this tool is quite straightforward and it’s really up to you how many custom lighting effects you play with!

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how to install corsair rgb fans

  1. Open [Corsair Commander PRO RGB Setup.exe] on your PC – this is the file that you downloaded from c site.
  2. You will see a new window open with Corsair logo on it.
  3. Inside of this window there are different options, first one is to select the Controller, your CUE device. We have three options here:

– Corsair Utility Engine (default)


– CORSAIR LINK Virtual Cable Select the desired option and click Next. 

  1. This is the main window of Commander PRO RGB, you can see all of your devices on the left side and some additional options on the right side.

What is the Corsair Commander PRO RGB and what does it do?

On the left side, choose your device and click on + sign to expand it. You will be able to see all of the effects that you can configure for this device. At this moment we will concentrate only on effects and profiles (we will write a separate guide about Profiles). By default, there is one effect: “Solid Color”. This is the effect we will use to configure our lighting effects.

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How to install the Corsair Commander PRO RGB?

On the right side of Commander PRO RGB there are two tabs Profile and Effects. Switch between them on the top right corner of window or use left side menu. For beginners, Effects is more important. Here you can choose your desired effects/colors using different options: Manual Mode – this mode is for more advanced users that know exactly what color they want to use. To select the color you need, use RGB sliders or click on picture of the color wheel and choose desired color. Eyedropper Mode – this mode allows you to use any part of your screen as an effect/color source. You can also move between different screens if you have multi monitor setup using Screens drop down menu.

Currently, there are 13 effects that you can configure for your Corsair iCUE device: Waves (three options) Horizontal (four options) Vertical (four options) Reactive Ripple Fractal All of the effects have the same configuration window with few differents between them.

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How to connect your devices to the Corsair Commander PRO RGB?

Corsair Commander is a new software that allows you to control all of your CORSAIR iCUE compatible devices. It’s built using the some of the features of the original CORSAIR LINK and we believe it will expand more in future with additional functions like creating profiles. You can use Corsair Commander only with the CORSAIR iCUE compatible devices. We have three options here:

– CORSAIR LINK Serial Number XXXX – this is your main device that you will be using to control other CORSAIR iCUE compatible products. This device needs to be plugged into USB 2.0 or 3.0 port of your PC or into your Corsair Link hub. Please note that you can use only one iCUE Serial Number device at the time.


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judge denys iarmak ukrainian fin7 20m rileycyberscoop

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