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Hiber, a Stockholm, Sweden based company, has just raised $15M in funding to help create user-generated games designed to be played on mobile phones. Hiber’s platform enables users to create high-quality games with minimal effort, using only their phones. This is an exciting development, as it brings people of all backgrounds and experiences together to create amazing quality games.

Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Overview of Hiber

Hiber is an easy to use mobile game creator app designed specifically for iOS and Android devices, making it easy to start creating mobile games almost instantly. So whether you’re a seasoned programmer or a total beginner, Hiber can make your gaming dreams come true.

In just a few steps you can use the app to create your very own game with access to powerful tools like real-time 3D graphics and lighting, particle effects, AI and physics engines as well as basic design features; allowing users to quickly prototype their ideas or build finished 2D/3D titles from scratch. Furthermore, with straightforward uploads and intuitive controls, Hiber facilitates instant collaboration with other users while giving developers full fuel-free control over their project development.

With no coding knowledge necessary, let Hiber help you create unique gaming experiences – it allows game creators of all expertise levels to create custom environments with textured objects and materials in minutes, manage multiple in-game characters with complex AI behaviours and navigate through virtual terrains in challenging puzzles. Use pre-programmed behaviours such as enemies spawning randomly or play back audio recordings directly on your computer or phone; creating custom voice acting right away without having any skills in programming needed!

swedenbased hiber series eqt ventures 20mtakahashiventurebeat

Interested? Get creative today! With Hiber’s AI assistance engine alongside graphic designs already prepared for the user; you are only moments away from building interactive 3D and 2D games that come complete with leaderboards ranking systems!

Explanation of user-generated games

Games on Hiber are created by users from all around the world using their smartphones. These unique games often contain innovative ideas and captivating visuals that you won’t find elsewhere. In addition, our community of game creators update them regularly so you can experience something different every time you play.

User-generated games on Hiber come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from action-packed 3D adventures to fast-paced 2D puzzle games. The graphics style of each game might vary a lot, but they all have one thing in common – they are packed with quick action and plenty of fun!

Playing user-generated games in Hiber will not cost any money as most of these titles can be downloaded for free or with a small fee depending on the creator’s choice. And if you like playing games online, don’t worry – there are options too! For example, our multiplayer feature lets gamers compete against each other no matter where they are located.

When creating your own game, you only need an idea and your phone – no prior coding skills are required! With our easy-to-use tools, anyone can create simple or complex titles within minutes. We even encourage aspiring coders to take up programming through various tutorials in our Guides section. This option also comes with the ability to share your game exactly how you want it – monetized or completely free for users to play whenever they like!

Hiber raises $15M for user-generated games created with phones

Recently, Hiber, a platform for creating mobile games, raised $15 million in a new funding round. This brings the company’s total funding up to $25 million. Hiber allows users to create their games using only their phones. Hiber’s user-generated model has drawn in investors interested in the company’s creative approach to game production.

This article will look closely at Hiber’s funding and its impact on the mobile gaming industry.

Details of the $15M funding round

Hiber, a mobile gaming platform that enables people worldwide to create and play games with their phones, has announced the completion of its Series A funding round. The raise of $15 million in capital was led by VR Fund and other investors including Greycroft Partners, LVP, Alpha Edison and previous backer Atlantic Labs.

The Series A financing round will enable Hiber to continue developing its corporate roadmap, expand its global reach and build an even tighter relationship with creators. Hiber already lives in 230 countries and territories worldwide and has built up an active user base of 450K+ loyal players with the help of partner influence campaigns coupled with organic user acquisition.

The Hiber platform allows users to quickly create instant mobile games with no programming experience necessary. It utilises modules that enable users to customise their game features such as virtual goods, achievements and challenge levels. In addition it offers users social features such as leader board competitions, open tournaments using their own custom rules and gameplay modifiers which can add a twist to familiar multiplayer games formats such as Scrabble or Battleship.

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The predefined modules make game creation easier for the non technical creators who use Hiber to become part of the growing mobile phone gaming industry. Geared towards gamers with limited time or computing knowledge, Hiber will continue improving its game creation capabilities and offer more game discovery features targeted at gaming fans looking for unique experiences from the expansive world of mobile phone gaming options available at their fingertips today.

Investors involved in the round

Several investors were involved in the Series A Round of Funding at Hiber. Notable investors included U-Start, a venture capital firm of media products, and Ares Capital Management, a strategic venture capital firm based in Andorra. Other investments came from Saint-Louis Group, an international venture capital backed by private wealth investors from the UK and other major European countries. Within this round of funding, 10 percent of the shares were allocated for a private investor pool managed by U-Start for ongoing stake decreases during extended stages.

Also of note is that Hiber’s team was instrumental in driving successful investments toward our Company from bluechip technology firms such as Google and Amazon Web Services. All collective partners are committed to supporting and growing Hiber’s business over multiple development cycles to ensure long-term success for all parties involved.

How Hiber Works

Hiber is an innovative platform that allows users to create games with nothing more than their smartphones. It utilises a powerful combination of cloud-based tools and mobile development capabilities to make game creation accessible to anyone with a phone. In addition, this platform allows users to create custom games and share them with the world in minutes.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Hiber works and how it revolutionises the game-creation industry.

How users create games with phones

Using the Hiber app, users can easily design, create and host their multiplayer mobile games with friends. In addition, users can create games that any other device with the Hiber app can join through a simple interface on their phones. This allows each player to experience a game world in totally different locations.

To get started with game creation, users launch the Hiber app and tap “Create” to open the game wizard. There, they select game settings such as whether each person will control a single avatar or multiple avatars; how objectives will be set; what activities will be part of the game; and whether each player needs to hide from, or fight against their opponents.

From there, the user will choose a map for the game environment – or upload an image that can be used as a backdrop for custom environments – and start building scoreboards, inventories and other tools which allow players to track progress in each match.

Once features are added to the game template created by Hiber, users can submit it to their friends via SMS or social media platforms so they can join in on any day at any time. If desired by all parties involved, players can also purchase diamonds through our virtual store that allow them access to special goodies such as

  • more inventory slots
  • more powerful weapons

during gameplay. This ensures that all players have an equal chance of completing objectives during each session – even those who aren’t playing at peak performance levels!

The game-creation process

Creating games on Hiber is easy and can be done without technical expertise. All you need is a mobile device and access to the Hiber app. The game-creation process takes three simple steps:

  1. First, you write down interesting challenges that can easily be completed with a smartphone camera. For example, you could create a challenge where players have to take a photo of their cat doing a funny pose or your best friend balancing oranges on their head!
  2. Next, test the challenge by playing it yourself – this step lets you make sure your challenge is at the right difficulty level for other players.
  3. Finally, save the challenge and share it on social media – the more people who play your games the better! As people play and complete your challenges, you’ll start accumulating trophies as rewards for all your hard work in creating awesome content for other gamers worldwide!
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By following these steps, players worldwide can participate in custom challenges created by talented game designers like yourself! So get creative and start designing innovative and fun experiences for other players today!

Benefits of Hiber

Hiber has recently raised $15M for its user-generated games created with phones, and it is becoming increasingly popular among gamers. This platform allows users to create their games without needing expensive developer tools.

Hiber also offers numerous benefits that make it an attractive choice for gamers, so let’s take a closer look at some of them:

Increased user engagement

Hiber allows developers to create sophisticated mobile games that leverage powerful modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. This not only allows for more realistic graphics, but also for a greater amount of user engagement. For example, users can earn achievements and rewards, encouraging players to continuously return to the game.

Additionally, the multiplayer aspect of Hiber’s ecosystem allows players to compete against one another in a way previously not possible with standard mobile games. This allows people who have never met before to be placed in the same game sessions and creates an overall more enjoyable gaming experience where players feel like they are part of a larger community.

Accessibility to new users

Hiber’s platform is highly intuitive and user-friendly. It is designed to be easily accessible to all users – regardless of whether they are experienced developers, experienced business users, or newcomers to the tech industry. Hiber’s design allows it to be accessed by virtually any user; its simple language avoids intimidating unfamiliar technical terms and provides contextual help prompts when needed. This makes it easier for new users to confidently navigate Hiber’s functions and resources.

Additionally, Hiber’s GraphQL query language helps guide new developers in the right direction regarding how they should structure their data queries and access their app data. This eliminates much of the frustration associated with learning a new product – making onboarding time faster and smoother for new users.

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