When I try to connect to the Microsoft Connect Test website, it redirects me with a message saying “msftconnecttest.com is unavailable.”

The “msftconnecttest/redirect not working” is a problem that can occur on Windows 10. The error message will say “The connection to the remote computer failed.”.


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6th of December, 2021

Publish date: February 2020

  • Because you can’t view any website in your browser because of the msftconnecttest redirect error, it’s highly inconvenient.
  • Connection difficulties, incorrect HTTP/HTTPS settings, or even a malware assault may all create this difficulty.
  • Do not install the program advised if you are sent to a COVID-19 information page.



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Despite the fact that Windows 10 was introduced in 2015, it still has a number of difficulties. One of these issues is a network connection difficulty.

Many of our readers have complained that msftconnecttest.com/redirect prevents them from accessing the Internet.

What are the symptoms of the msftconnecttest redirect error?

The msftconnecttest redirect error is most common when using an Ethernet connection to connect your device. You won’t have these problems if you use Wi-Fi or a personal hotspot.

However, you can’t always depend on the wireless network, and you may not even have that choice, so resolving this issue is critical.

However, there are two plausible explanations for this issue:

  • Connection problems – When an application connects to the Internet, the system runs a test to determine which network is the best. If this fails, you will be unable to connect and will get an error message.
  • HTTP/HTTPS configuration – The issue arises because there is no default application for the HTTP or HTTPS protocols, resulting in this error; you will need to set up a default browser for that.
  • Malware or virus infection — An attacker may urge you to install a malware program masquerading as COVID-19 information software after changing your DNS settings; do not do so.

That being stated, let’s look at how we can permanently repair the msftconnecttest redirect problem.

What is the solution to the msftconnecttest redirect error?

1. Restart your network.

  1. Select the Settings app from the Start menu.1638784236_99_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  2. Select Network and Internet from the drop-down menu.Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  3. Select Network Reset from the Status drop-down menu.1638784237_388_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  4. From the Network Reset screen, choose Reset Now. Click Yes to finalize the modifications, but keep in mind that your PC will restart as well, so save any work you’ve done so far.1638784238_37_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  5. Check to see whether the issue is still visible after restarting.

2. Turn off the connection check.

  1. To launch the Run dialog, press the Windows + R keys together.1638784238_480_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  2. To open Registry Editor, type regedit and press Enter.1638784239_44_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  3. Go to the following item in the Registry: HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesNlaSvcParametersInternet1638784240_868_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  4. Go to the right pane and look for the EnableActiveProbing option.1638784240_691_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  5. Double-click it and change the Value Data option to 0 before clicking the OK button to save it.1638784241_39_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  6. Close the windows and reopen them to see whether the adjustments have fixed the problem.

3. Modify the HTTP/HTTPs settings

  1. Select Settings from the Start button.1638784241_965_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  2. Go to the left-hand window and choose Apps.1638784242_421_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  3. Under the Reset button, choose Default Applications and then Choose default apps by protocol.1638784243_691_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  4. For HTTP, look for the option to Select a Default. We already had a default app set up in our example, but if you see the gray square, create one.1638784243_614_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  5. A list of browsers installed on your system will appear. Select your browser and click HTTP Select a Default Browser.
  6. Select your browser once more from the list of alternatives.
  7. Finally, reboot your computer to have the changes take effect.

4. Clear your browser’s cache

  1. In Google Chrome, choose Settings from the three dots button in the upper right corner.1638784244_827_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  2. To expand it, choose the Advanced option, then the Reset and clear up option.1638784244_548_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  3. Restore settings to their original defaults by clicking Restore settings to their original defaults.1638784245_563_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  4. Select Reset settings to confirm the selection.1638784245_579_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10

Is the msftconnecttest error virus-related?

You are a victim of an attack if you are sent to the http://www.msftconnecttest.com/connecttest.txt page with the text Microsoft Connect Test.

Instead of connecting to the legal Microsoft IP address, the malicious DNS server refers you to another IP address,, which is controlled by the attacker.

You’ll be encouraged to download Emergency – COVID-19 Informator or COVID-19 Inform, which is a bogus program. It goes without saying that you should not do so.


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You will not get any COVID-19 data if you install the program; instead, your PC will be infected with the Oski information-stealing Trojan.

This malicious software will begin collecting data from your browser, including autofill data and login passwords for all of your accounts, and uploading it to a server for the attacker.

How can I protect myself from the msftconnecttest attack?

First and foremost, do not, under any circumstances, download and install the wrongdoer’s app. Stop everything and connect to your router after you’ve been routed.

Once you’ve gained access, you’ll need to replace the attacker’s DNS setup with the information given by your ISP.

Because each router has its own DNS settings, we can’t provide you a simple solution to this issue. We may, however, provide an example:

  1. Use your router’s IP address or its web address to log in.1638784246_890_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  2. Look in your LAN settings for DNS settings. If you discover the IP addresses and, set the DNS server to automatic or replace them with the ones given by your ISP.1638784247_199_Msftconnecttest-redirect-error-on-Windows-10
  3. Exit after saving the settings.

To retrieve the correct settings from your router, reboot or restart the PC. Also, if feasible, reset the router password and check and deactivate the router’s remote administration.

If you downloaded and installed the program, do a malware and virus check, and then reset all of your account passwords once you’ve removed the danger.

That concludes our discussion. We hope that our solutions assisted you in resolving the msftconnecttest redirect error, and that the issue is now resolved.

If you can’t connect to the Internet at all, use these steps to restore your Internet connection on Windows 10 and continue surfing.

Please use the comments area below if you have any ideas or concerns, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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The “msftconnecttest/redirect hotel wifi” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released a fix to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of Msftconnecttest redirect?

A: This is a fake security warning that will not be removed by any means.

What does Msftconnecttest mean?

A: This means Microsoft Connect Test.

How do I uninstall Msftconnecttest?

A: It is not possible to uninstall MSAgent. However, you may go here for more information about how it can be uninstalled from your computer.

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