Miles Bridges is originally from Flint, Michigan. If you’re not familiar with the area’s current issues and lack of opportunity for young people, it should be noted that an estimated 40% of households there are living in poverty. The NBA player has said he wants to help improve his hometown through various initiatives such as the Miles Bridges Foundation, which aims to provide opportunities for children who otherwise might not have been able to play basketball or do anything else outside their home environments.

The “Miles Bridges contract extension” is a likely outcome for Miles Bridges in 2022. This can be interpreted as either a multi-year player option or an All-NBA team selection.

More likely outcome for Hornets' Miles Bridges in 2022: MIP or All


In his fourth season in the NBA, Miles Bridges has been playing like a man possessed. Many may argue that he is the greatest player on the Charlotte Hornets, right up there with LaMelo Ball, the reigning Rookie of the Year. He may not be able to control the tempo of the game like Ball, but he is one of the league’s most potent scorers. Bridges has found himself in contention for two awards this season: Most Improved Player and an All-Star selection in 2021-22. But what is most likely to happen to Bridges?


Bridges was offered a four-year, $60 million deal by the Hornets before the start of the 2021-22 season. He declined, though, in order to have more opportunities to play himself into more money this season. A few admirers thought he made a huge mistake by declining the offer, but he’s proven them all wrong. He’s averaging 20 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 3.3 assists a game right now. He just scored 12 points a game last season. He’s improved as a three-point shooter, a better facilitator, and a defender of the opposition team’s greatest player. The Hornets seem to be on course to reach the playoffs for the first time in seven years this season, and Bridges deserves a lot of credit.


Bridges’ talent has developed to the point that everyone must contemplate the possibility of his playing in the 2022 All-Star Game in Cleveland. Bridges has a puncher’s chance in this fight, despite the fact that the opposition will be fierce. His numbers are comparable to those of Jimmy Butler, who averages just over 22 points, 5 assists, and 6 rebounds a game. Everything is only a smidgeon better than Bridges’ numbers. I’m not claiming Miles is a better player than Jimmy Buckets, but statistics don’t lie. This year, Butler is expected to earn the nod, so maybe the Hornets’ star will as well.

Double fist pump

Both scenarios are possible for Bridges. Isn’t it a huge narrative twist? Bridges’ pace is unlikely to slack down any time soon. Bridges is seen by Hornets coach James Borrego as a top-scoring threat on his team. He can be the go-to man on certain nights. Someone who will have to start moving in order to bring his squad across the finish line. He may also be utilized as a decoy or even a playmaker at times. The 23-year-old stud’s realistic aspirations include winning the MIP and earning an All-Star appearance.

Let’s not forget that Bridges isn’t playing for the Hornets by himself. He already has one of the best passers in the game in LaMelo Anthony and another selfless point guard in Terry Rozier. Both players draw the defense’s attention and are more than eager to pass it to Bridges for a simple jam. In 2022, the odds are stacked in his favor to achieve his personal ambitions.

Of course, Bridges’ objective isn’t to achieve that. Surely, he’s more focused on helping his team to the playoffs. Even so, it’s always interesting to observe how a young team’s player development unfolds. The Hornets will almost certainly have to rework the first agreement they awarded Bridges. It’ll most certainly cost more than $100 million.



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The “miles bridges free agent” is a question that has been debated for quite some time. With the recent trade of Miles Bridges to the Hornets, it’s more likely that he’ll be an MIP or All-Star in 2022.

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