Online gaming and mobile legends tournament games are one of the world’s most popular forms of entertainment. Video games are nothing new, with generations of people spending hours on various forms of gaming.

Gaming has changed over time. It started with 2D arcade games and not boasts the incredible online experiences that contemporary gamers are familiar with today.

But why has online become the default option for gamers?

Online Gaming Goes Beyond Entertainment

Ask anyone why they play games online; the most common answer will be entertainment, but today’s players want something more.

Gaming has increasingly blurred the lines between online and offline in the form of rewards. Millions choose to play for real-world money online in virtual casinos, which can also extend to generating points that can be converted into offline perks in land-based casinos.

Part of the experience is now about being entertained and rewarded simultaneously. Today, mobile casino games are among some of the fastest-growing genres for gamers seeking to spend their leisure time.

Join a Social Gathering Space With Likeminded People

Players of all backgrounds have their reasons for playing video games online. Some of the most popular games focus not on the competitive play but on the social aspect.

MMORPGs, like Runescape and World of Warcraft, have acted as social gathering spaces for people across the globe. Online games allow you to make new friends from other countries and broaden your social horizons.

Gone is the focus on the single-player experience. It’s not uncommon for people to go online purely to chat and spend time with their friends. Approximately 80% of gamers said they used video games to help them meet new people.

Enjoy the Challenge

Many games are designed to test players and help them improve their skills. For example, you could find yourself solving puzzles or problems to move on to the next level or make your character stronger.

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The difference between online gaming and other mediums is that you never feel like you’re studying or working. You’re getting better in a certain area or learning how to think in a different way through something fun.

The Competitive Gaming Aspect

Competitive gaming has always existed, but most older gamers remember that you were often restricted to playing with close friends or family members as part of a split-screen or Intranet experience.

While some gamers in major cities could access local tournaments, most people’s options were largely limited. Today, the rise of eSports, like League of Legends and Fortnite, has provided channels for players to challenge themselves against people of a similar skill level.

The very best players may even have the opportunity to turn professional, but even for those players, they still find themselves fighting to get better and stay on top of the mountain.

Replay Ability

Gaming developers have largely relegated single-player experiences to the bottom of their priority lists. Previously, the single-player game was the main event of any title; it was what games were rated on.

However, a strong, reliable Internet across the developed world has opened new channels for developers to explore. For the player, this means that they only have to purchase a title once and can then play it for years.

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Older games that focused on the offline experience had limited playability because when you reached the end of the game, there was little else to do. Online games can save you money and enable you to enjoy the same game repeatedly, with a different experience every time.

Naturally, gaming developers regularly release more downloadable content, vanity items, and other subscription-based experiences, but you’re not required to purchase them.

For example, World of Warcraft is a franchise known for providing players with reasons to keep coming back. Festivals like World of Warcraft Winter Veil keep things fresh to prevent players from leaving.

Convenience and Accessibility

Traditionally, gaming required either an expensive console or a heavy-duty computer that could handle whatever you were trying to play. You also had to remain static, meaning that most people would have to wait until they got home from work or school to play.

Online gaming has never been more accessible or convenient. Whether you want to play with a dedicated handheld device, smartphone, or on a public computer, options are available practically everywhere.

Again, the revolution has been driven by the extension of the Internet across the developed world.

Anyone can jump into online gaming, regardless of how much actual experience they have. Today’s gaming landscape isn’t the sole preserve of computer geeks and teenagers. People of all ages and backgrounds jump online regularly to indulge in their favorite titles.


Online gaming is here to stay. With so much competition across the industry, developers must work harder than ever to attract players and keep them.

As technology advances, more and more incredible gaming experiences are on the horizon. What’s your favorite online game?

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