The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the US, football being the most loved sport. With the Super Bowl culminating in the NFL season, many people anticipate this day. Not only that, but it’s also a big event for us since the amount of money you can win in this event is ridiculous.

Apart from the entertainment value, the Super Bowl is also home to many betting opportunities, such as prop betting. Prop betting is one of the most popular forms of betting in the Super Bowl. If you need to learn what prop betting is all about, then let’s talk about it.

What is Super Bowl Prop Betting?

Super Bowl prop bets are a fun way of giving yourself a stake in the action while making the event more exciting. They’re also convenient if you want a simple betting session instead of going into the thick of it, like betting against the spread, determining the NFL odds, or money line betting.

In prop betting, a bettor will place a bet on a specific event that might occur before, during, or after the game.

You can bet on almost anything as long as your bookie has it. You can make different kinds of bets in prop betting, including but not limited to the first catch of the game, the MVP, the singer of the national anthem, the main artist in the halftime show, etc. But instead of just listing them out, let’s delve deeper into them.

Player Props

This type of prop betting is more focused on what’s happening with the players. With this type of betting, the bettor will make general predictions on a player’s performance in a specific stat category, who will win the MVP, and even injuries on the field.

For example, you can bet over/under on Joe Burrow’s passing yards in the game or over/under on Odell Beckham’s receiving yards. You can also pick your favorite player and bet whether they will have a touchdown.

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Team Props

This one is more involved in a team rather than a specific player. There are few betting options for this one, but they can still be fun. One of the most popular bets you can make in this category is over/under for the team’s final score and which team will commit the game’s first penalty.

Game Props

Now this one is focused more on the entire game. There are generally fewer options in player props, but they are fun. And it’s fun to look for specific moments to bet on. For example, will there be a defensive touchdown in the game? Or will there be a successful two-point conversion? You can even bet if the game will go on to overtime.

Super Bowl MVP

This one is included in the player props, but it deserves the spotlight. This is one of the most popular props that most bettors will immediately take long shots in betting who the next MVP for the Super Bowl is for the next year when the current one ends. Skill positions and star players are the ones involved, especially the quarterbacks.

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Exotic Props

Now here is the fun part. The exotic props are some of the most ridiculous and fun betting categories in the Super Bowl. They are so easy to understand and play that even those who are not football fans can join in. Exotic props involve certain people and happenings that are not directly connected to the game.

For example, the national anthem. You can make a few bets on this one, like how long the national anthem will be, who will sing the national anthem, or whether the singer will take a higher note at the end of the anthem.

Another thing you can bet on is the halftime show. This one is quite popular as it’s always a point of debate every year, especially now that the Super Bowl is just a few months away. And, of course, the Gatorade bath. This bet requires you to guess which color of Gatorade will be put on the winning coach at the end of the game. Orange has been the go-to color for this one, but the last couple of Super Bowls used blue.

Final Words

The Super Bowl is fun and exciting, especially if you pair it with a little money in betting. And in terms of betting, there’s a lot that you can wager for, especially in prop betting. Participating in prop betting is the way to go if you want to make your Super Bowl experience much more fun and exciting.