The first annual Steam Next Fest starts on October 27th, giving game developers a chance to show off their latest games. This event will be the first time that gamers can try out new titles and meet the developers behind them.

The next fest demos is a game that was released during the Steam Next Fest. It’s a zombie shooting game with multiple levels and different weapons.

Shoot Up Zombies During Steam Next Fest with Urban Strife's Demo

MicroProse and developer White Pond Games have announced that the post-apocalyptic turn-based tactical RPG Urban Strife will be demoed at Steam Next Fest in October.

The prologue of Urban Strife will be included in the Steam Next Fest demo, which begins with your character being nursed back to health by the residents of one Urban Shelter after a failed effort to flee the undead that prowl the streets.

Shoot Up Zombies During Steam Next Fest with Urban Strife's Demo

Shoot Up Zombies During Steam Next Fest with Urban Strife's Demo

You gather a group of survivors and go out to find the Professor, who can repair the shelter’s radio, after regaining your strength and part of your memories.

According to the publisher, “opportunistic groups and the undead roam the otherwise deserted streets of the apocalypse,” and you have until October 7 to check out Urban Strife’s demo, since that’s when Steam Next Fest’s current edition ends.

The complete game will include a dynamic campaign that allows you to select who you partner with and who you oppose, with your choices reverberating all the way to the game’s conclusion.

In Urban Strife, bullets follow actual ballistic calculations, with varying penetration and damage based on range, caliber, and type. You’ll want to avoid going into combat unprepared as much as possible, since blood loss and debilitating injuries may wear you out over time.

Urban Strife also has a management component that entails caring after the shelter and its occupants, as well as “a unique horde AI that enables all undead opponents to utilize a single turn for movement while preserving their individual senses and alert state.”

The game will be released in 2022, and a demo is available on Steam.

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The urban strife download is a new shooting game from the makers of Urban Dead. It was released on Steam during the Next Fest.

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