A person is passionate by nature. Even in ancient times, people invented different ways to brighten up everyday life with bright moments, so various games, competitions, and pranks appeared. In world history, there are several interesting facts related to casinos and gambling.

First Arab Lottery

Researchers argue to this day which gambling activity was the first. Similar games existed in ancient times when the concept of money did not yet exist. There was no money, but there were various riches in the form of animals, pebbles, shells, concubines, etc. There was a game similar to the modern lottery in ancient times – Maisir.

Lotteries, as well as other gambling games, are prohibited in the Muslim world. However, there are exceptions that allow a devout Muslim to play in a casino, and this mainly applies to online games.

History of Roulette

How roulette appeared is still not known for certain. It is believed that it could have originated in France or China. There is a version according to which the appearance of roulette is associated with the name of the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. Trying to develop a perpetual motion machine, in 1655, Pascal conducted experiments using a wheel and a ball. In the future, this idea was used to create a roulette game.

It should be noted that Pascal was often sick, so he visited gambling establishments that helped him relieve nervous tension and unwind. In the casino, Pascal had thoughts about the theory of probability with which a certain number can fall on the dice.

Nowadays, roulette is played almost everywhere. Every online casino provides players with the opportunity to try out this game. You can check this link https://www.playamo.com/games/roulette-games to find a lot of roulette games meeting your taste.

History of Sandwich

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There is an opinion that the classic sandwich appeared thanks to the British statesman John Montagu, Duke of Sandwich County, England. In 1762, Montagu played poker, and this game fascinated him so much that the man could not tear himself away from it to have dinner. The count asked his servant to bring a piece of meat directly to the poker table. Afraid of staining the gambling cards with grease, Sir Montagu asked the servant to put the meat between the pieces of bread. This idea appealed to all visitors to the gambling house. Soon such a sandwich gained immense popularity among Europeans.

Of course, Sir Montagu did not own the idea of ​​creating a sandwich. Almost 100 years before this event, in the 17th century, the Arabs already knew that by wrapping meat in pita bread. Some sources contain information that Montagu was not even fond of gambling, and the name of a fictitious namesake was used to create a legend. Montagu didn’t care much about this moment; on the contrary, he was impressed by the fact that the popular dish was called a sandwich.

Fruit Images in Slot Machines

The first slot machines used only card suits. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, the authorities began to tackle gambling, so the image of card suits was banned. But how could this stop manufacturers of slot machines?! The forbidden images have been replaced by apples, cherries, oranges, and other fruits. Over time, the ban on the image of card suits was lifted, but the fruit remained on the field of slot machines.

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Number 4 in China

The Chinese associate the number 4 with trouble, failure, losses, and even death. There is a disease called tetraphobia. It lies in the panic fear of the number 4 and avoiding it by any means. In China, they are even afraid to pronounce this figure since, in Chinese, it sounds like the word “die.” For this reason, the city hospital No. 4 was renamed in Beijing because there were no people who wanted to be treated in it. In Chinese casinos, there is no fourth floor and no number 4 gaming table.

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