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In 2021, Stripe and Clear announced their strategic partnership to help businesses manage compliance activities and submit accurate customer data. With this new collaboration, Stripe and Clear are set to offer an innovative solution that simplifies the entire customer onboarding process. This article will discuss how this partnership will benefit businesses, highlighting the major advantages of such a powerful collaboration.

The partnership provides businesses unprecedented support in correctly identifying customers for onboarding purposes. In addition, by leveraging Clear’s identity authentication capabilities, businesses can verify their customers quickly and efficiently without interacting directly with them. This improves user experience and reduces costs associated with manual verification processes.

The integration of Stripe’s payment capabilities means that customers do not need to go through lengthy authentication processes or provide any personal information to make payments. Instead, they have to use the available payment options provided by Stripe and Clear for quick and convenient payments without any hassle or delay. As a result, Stripe can also efficiently handle high-volume transactions without compromising on security or convenience.

Moreover, with its vast global presence – nearly 11 million consumer profiles across 60 countries – Clear can deliver real-time fraud risk analyses and ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations across multiple jurisdictions while protecting consumer privacy at all times. This consistent monitoring helps companies remain compliant, thus reducing their risk exposure from potential non-compliance issues in various regions worldwide.

The joint venture between Stripe and Clear has made it easier for businesses of all sizes to meet regulatory requirements for customer onboarding processes without incurring significant costs in terms of time and money spent on manual verification processes previously required by regulators worldwide. Furthermore, this powerful combination provides unparalleled user experience across multiple online and offline channels, further boosting efficiency while reinforcing trust among customers by providing increased data security protections throughout every stage of the customer journey.

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What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payments processing company, founded in 2011. Its aim is to simplify online payments for businesses. Stripe provides merchants with the best payment capabilities, such as payment gateways, merchant accounts and card processing services, to accept and process payments quickly and securely.

Clear is a cloud-based identity verification platform that helps businesses easily authenticate customers’ identities. The partnership between Stripe and Clear will allow businesses to more securely store customer data, including payment information such as credit card numbers. Customers’ payment information stored in Stripe’s servers will be kept secure from hackers or malicious actors. By using Clear’s identity verification service, business owners can validate the identities of their customers before accepting payments or providing access to any areas of their websites or services that contain sensitive data.

In summary, this partnership allows Stripe customers to benefit from seamless authentication processes while taking advantage of Stripe’s reliable payment services. In addition, the strong security measure provided by Clear helps companies keep customer data safe and reduces the potential for fraud or identity theft by verifying users before transactions are completed.

What is Clear?

Clear by Stripe is an identity platform that makes it easier for businesses to offer frictionless online experiences. It securely authenticates users and verifies their identity in a truly seamless way while helping them to stay safe online. It helps businesses provide secure, fast access to their services, with enhanced protection against fraud and identity theft.

The partnership between Stripe and Clear enables businesses to leverage Clear’s innovative technology when setting up secure accounts with Stripe. As a result, customers can quickly create new accounts using their mobile device – eliminating the need for tedious forms. The integrated solution also allows businesses to instantly recover lost usernames and reset passwords which vastly improves customer experience while drastically reducing operational costs. The automated fraud prevention system also helps protect against fraudulent activity, allowing business owners to rest easy knowing that their customers are safe from potential risks.

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Global Fintech Giant Stripe Backs Digital Tax Startup Clear In $75 Mn Round

The partnership between Global Fintech Giant Stripe and Digital Tax Startup Clear provides businesses with many advantages. This $75 million investment will help businesses simplify their tax filing process by automating compliance and managing tax payments on a user-friendly platform.

Moreover, the partnership allows businesses to take advantage of the innovative solutions offered by both companies, to effectively manage their taxes. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits this partnership brings to the table.

Improved Payment Processing

The partnership between Stripe and Clear will make payment processing easier for businesses, enabling quick and secure payments for both customers and merchants. This improved payment processing will combine the two companies’ services to provide businesses with a seamless checkout experience. Stripe’s technology enables quicker payments without the need to re-enter data or wait for verification, all powered by Clear’s identity document identification. In addition, businesses benefit from enhanced tracking capabilities that help them quickly identify fraud.

Furthermore, Stripe and Clear will also offer integration with several popular services like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Google Shopping Actions and many more – allowing businesses to access a wider range of potential customers through these channels. With an improved shopping experience enabled by the integrated services provided by Stripe and Clear, businesses can expect to see stronger sales growth in the future.

Finally, this partnership can save merchants time as they no longer manually enter customer information at checkout; their customers can be authenticated quickly via their identity documents. This improves the speed of checking out and provides extra security -allowing customers to trust that their data is being safeguarded. Businesses using this new system will enjoy faster payment speed and improved customer satisfaction rates from safe transactions with no additional effort needed from either themselves or their customers.

Streamlined Digital Tax Solutions

The partnership between Stripe and Clear offers businesses streamlined digital tax solutions. Through this collaboration, the companies are helping businesses increase their ability to pay taxes quickly, accurately, and easily while avoiding mistakes that can add to their administrative costs. In addition, the partnership provides businesses with a streamlined process for filing and remitting taxes at the right time and place.

Stripe enables businesses to securely pay for goods and services via e-commerce, such as credit cards or ACH payments. With Clear’s automated tax engine integrated with Stripe’s payment platform, this powerful combination allows businesses to automatically monitor sales tax on products purchased online by customers from different states. Furthermore, Clear can generate invoices for the total sales tax collected for each state that the goods were shipped to in a simple way that leads to greater accuracy of payments. This helps reduce errors when filing taxes and thus helps reduce administrative costs associated with manual filing of taxes.

The partnership also makes it easier for businesses to accurately estimate sales taxes owed by customers through tax exemptions or credits applicable in certain states. Businesses can now calculate an accurate amount of taxable sales and determine what exemptions they are entitled to receive through these services offered by Clear integrated with Stripe’s payment gateway.

Finally, both companies have worked together on developing an automated trust fund return system which automatically files trust fund returns throughout multiple jurisdictions based on a schema developed between them; this ensures accuracy when calculating returns and reduces errors associated with manual preparation or filing of returns without compounding risk or cost concerns related to it. By working together on these digital solutions, Stripe and Clear are helping businesses maximise profits while minimising costs related to paying taxes correctly from anywhere in the world that they do business online.

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Increased Security & Compliance

The new partnership between Stripe and Clear brings increased security and compliance to businesses using the Stripe payment gateway. This enhanced security comes from a combination of Stripe’s expertise in secure payments and fraud prevention and Clear’s biometric technologies and identity verification solutions. Together, these two companies have created a powerful solution that helps businesses remain compliant with regulations while protecting customer data from intrusion.

With the increased security provided by Stripe and Clear, businesses can be sure that customer data is kept safe from hackers, Government surveillance, and other malicious activities. The partnership also ensures that users meet necessary compliance requirements for identity verification of customers to protect their data against unauthorised access. In addition, the integration with Stripe allows businesses to accept more secure payment options like biometric cards and other methods while staying within most territories’ legal boundaries.

In addition to providing customers with reliable identity protection, this enhanced security also helps keep financial institutions from becoming fraud or money laundering targets. By partnering with Stripe and Clear, financial institutions can trust that the information used for payments is accurate and secure – essential for maintaining a safe banking environment for customers. Furthermore, increasing technology insight into every payment point further assures that every transaction has been completed according to set requirements.

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