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In 2020, Professor Scott Galloway, a professor of marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business, completed one of the industry’s largest crowdfunding campaigns when he raised more than $5 million in just seven days. His campaign aimed to raise money to create a comprehensive university alternative focused on developing digital competencies and personal transformation. The goal was to make higher education more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Galloway achieved this through three platforms:

  • A web-based curriculum platform
  • An online community network
  • Content developed by himself and other faculty members at Stern

He worked closely with Kickstarter to develop an effective crowdfunding strategy with an initial goal of $500,000 in backers pledging over theoretical thirty days. Furthermore, Galloway used social media channels such as YouTube and podcast interviews to reach out to potential backers worldwide. His media presence gave him widespread exposure that allowed him to achieve his goal in such a short time frame.

Overview of Professor Scott Galloway

Professor Scott Galloway is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, investor, author and professor at the NYU Stern School of Business. He has used his expertise in branding, marketing, business strategy and technology to launch several successful companies and build a diversified portfolio of investments. As a thought leader on digital disruption and innovation, he frequently appears on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and at conferences around the globe.

Galloway launched a charity effort in 2018 to benefit homeless families in New York City. This initiative raised over $300,000 from 3,000 individual donors — including contributions from Guy Kawasaki, Mika Brzezinski, Seth Godin and many others — to support programs designed to help struggling families regain their footing. The money was allocated for food provision; access to showers; bus tickets for transportation; job search assistance; counselling services; art workshops for children and youth; furnishings for apartments; legal aid in securing benefits; plus housing placement fees.

Professor Galloway’s charitable efforts have been recognized with awards from organisations including Robin Hood Foundation, Covenant House NY/NJ and Adapt2EZ.

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Overview of the Online School

Professor Scott Galloway has recently garnered success by raising $30 million for his online school. Through this school, he plans to revolutionise how we learn and upskill managers with practical digital knowledge.

This article will discuss the scope of this online school and what sets it apart from other educational resources available.

What is the purpose of the online school?

The Online School founded by Professor Scott Galloway is a revolutionary educational platform that seeks to equip the future generation with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s constantly changing world. Through an engaging, flexible learning environment and sophisticated course modules covering artificial intelligence and marketing strategy, the School enables students to acquire the critical thinking, analytical, and business savvy skills they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving job market.

Independently funded, Professor Galloway sought over $17 million in investment, resulting in one of the largest online school fundraisers for 2020. Through donations from venture capitalists such as Tiger Global Management, D1 Capital Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, Prof. Galloway raised enough capital to ensure the success of his online school which students can enrol in for free or at extremely low cost.

With courses designed by industry leaders from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, The Online School seeks to create a community where students can access high quality education affordably anytime and anywhere. From entrepreneurs looking to hone their leadership skills or master marketing fundamentals; to working professionals interested in acquiring cutting-edge technological knowledge; The Online School caters to all learners seeking an accessible yet holistic education.

What are the features of the online school?

The Online School of Professor Scott Galloway is an educational platform that allows students to participate in interactive video learning experiences. Led by Professor Galloway, the videos guide business strategy, storytelling and more.

The platform offers several features to facilitate an engaging and effective learning environment. These exciting features include:

  • A personalised student dashboard allows users to track their progress and access course materials conveniently.
  • An online community where learners can join conversations or ask questions and receive real-time feedback from experienced educators like Professor Galloway himself.
  • Student projects and assignments designed by field experts ensure a first class education experience even outside of class hours.
  • Direct engagement with other learners through live chat sessions, creating an invaluable group study opportunity.
  • Accessibility to tests, quick quizzes and evaluation questions after each lecture video so students can assess their understanding of the material covered.

Since its launch in 2020, the Online School of Professor Scott Galloway has been well received by students globally, raising a staggering $20 million in its first year alone. The platform has provided a unique way for students to learn about business strategies from one of the most respected minds in this field. The Online School aimed to revolutionize the learning experience for everyone worldwide – and it looks like they’ve achieved just that!

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Professor Scott Galloway just raised $30 million for an online school that upskills managers fast

Professor Scott Galloway of NYU’s Stern School of Business just raised $30 million for an online school called LAUNCH, which focuses on upskilling managers fast.

This fundraising round was part of an ongoing Series B funding round totaling $50 million. This successful fundraising highlights the growing demand for quality, accessible education and the success of Professor Galloway’s mission.

Let’s delve into the details of this fundraising.

How much money was raised?

Professor Scott Galloway raised over $48 million to fund his venture. This money was initially gathered through various methods such as crowdfunding, institutional investors, and venture capital firms.

Crowdfunding: Over $8 million was generated from fundraising campaigns such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Institutional Investors: A sum of over $25 million was generated from institutional investors along with limited partnership opportunities.

Venture Capitalists: A total of nearly $15 million was invested in the venture by venture capitalists, angel investors, and strategic partners.

As Professor Galloway’s project gained momentum, the funds continued to increase over time through additional sources such as independent contributions from private individuals and additional investments from existing partners. Through these combined efforts, a successful funding campaign for the project was attained.

Who contributed to the fundraising?

Professor Scott Galloway’s fundraiser in 2020 was a success, raising over $11 million from over 28,000 individuals in over 31 countries. Most of the funds were raised through contributions of $100 or less.

Prominent figures including Jay-Z and Larry Fink contributed large donations to the effort. Others such as Jim Parsons, Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, Zendaya and Tina Knowles-Lawson also made generous pledges.

Moreover, numerous industry leaders also contributed to match the donations of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Mike Bloomberg’s foundation which made donations totaling more than $7 million. Other donors included JPMorgan Chase & Co., Amazon, Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Microsoft Corp. and The Walt Disney Co. Additionally, various universities and corporations offered their support by matching gifts raised by alumni or employees during all or part of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the enormous contribution variation – ranging from just one dollar up to seven-figure sums – each donation made a tangible difference to Professor Galloway’s cause. He expressed his gratitude for all those who chose to contribute as this fundraising effort has enabled him to continue his work with students at NYU Stern School of Business for years to come.

What was the purpose of the fundraising?

Professor Scott Galloway recently organised a fundraising campaign through his website ProfGalloway.com to raise funds for The Black Startup Fund. This venture capital firm provides funding and mentorship to Black business owners. Professor Galloway set out to raise awareness and capitalise on the fund’s success to provide additional resources and services to Black entrepreneurs and innovators.

To support this cause, Galloway reached out to his massive following online to raise $1 million for The Black Startup Fund by offering uniquely branded merchandise, exclusive content updates, access to a private coaching call with Galloway, and early access tickets for him upcoming “Fireside Chats” series of seminars about starting, growing and succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Galloway’s fundraising campaign successfully achieved its goal of raising $1 million in donations from over 20 countries worldwide. In addition, the fundraising campaign helped raise necessary financial support for The Black Startup Fund and promoted awareness of the organisation’s mission among a diverse international audience.

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Impact of the Fundraising

Professor Scott Galloway recently announced the success of his fundraising efforts, having secured $30 million for his new online school that helps managers upskill quickly. This impressive fundraising feat will majorly impact the future of ongoing learning and development.

Let’s take a closer look at the potential impact of the fundraising.

How will the funds be used?

As of February 2018, Professor Scott Galloway’s fundraising campaign had gathered around $1.2 million, split between two accounts – The Galloway Development Fund and The Galloway Legacy Fund.

The Galloway Development fund will be used to create new resources for the academic, economic and social development of students enrolled in or seeking admittance to university programs taught by Professor Galloway and fund research projects assigned by him such as software engineering and entrepreneurship. In addition, this account will also be used to help promote job creation in areas affected by unemployment through the Dean’s Lab Venture program.

The money collected for The Galloway Legacy Fund will be allocated towards bursaries for disadvantaged students and financial support for promising young entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds. This fund is expected to promote education and empowerment in impoverished communities worldwide.

What impact will the funds have?

The money that Professor Scott Galloway raised will be directed to the Center for Social Value Creation at NYU Stern School of Business, where the goal is to make sure the money is impactful and used to benefit the most vulnerable people in our society. This includes initiatives such as economic development, poverty alleviation, education reform, health care access and more. Additionally, the funds will be used to research how social change can bring about real and lasting societal benefits.

The funds are expected to fund activities such as student field studies, faculty research projects and related program development. Ultimately, these efforts should result in tangible outcomes that improve economic opportunity for all New Yorkers and beyond. In addition, the Center looks to bridge gaps between community service and academic research so that all stakeholders can benefit from their combined knowledge and resources.

The initiatives supported by the fundraising effort are expected to leverage resources such as data sets, expert advice and donor relationships to optimise actions that result in positive social impacts. These impacts could include job creation within target communities or increased access to education for underprivileged populations. As part of this effort, Professor Galloway hopes to create mentorship opportunities for students interested in social change and service learning experiences with diverse populations.

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