Welcome back, readers! This week’s guide will go through yet another gaming topic that has left some of you in a rut. The topic we will be covering is some of the fastest ways to farm gold in WOW Classic. Of course, some users do not have the time to focus on the more long-winded processes to earn WoW Classic Gold; luckily, we know a good solution: Buy WoW Classic gold from ChicksGold. You will receive a cost-effective, quick, and safe service. So, if you’re short on time, check them out. Anyways, with all that being said, let’s get into the fastest ways to farm gold in WOW Classic.

Important Information

From levels 1-60, we recommend only picking up gathering professions such as herbing and skinning. You could also try herbing and mining too, additionally enchanting is an option. You will not be using these materials and items you collect, instead selling them to other players who are more committed to certain professions. For enchanting, you can disenchant the items collected and sell them as parts and materials.

Benefits of the Professions

Herbing – almost instantly in this profession, players will find themselves with access to and using potions. Due to the high risk of death and damage to players in power positions, this will be very beneficial. Healing potions and Defense Elixirs are amongst the most useful.

Skinning – Players who take on this profession will not need to compete for nodes as those who chose Herbing and Mining.

Mining – This can be beneficial to several of the professions, such as Blacksmithing and

Engineering. With the demand often rising the closer a player gets to the level cap.


If you have a goal in mind, such as affording skills repairs and mounts, refrain from buying anything else.

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Small purchases quickly add up to an empty bank. Instead of purchasing needed materials for professions, farm them wherever possible. If you absolutely need to purchase something, keep an eagle eye on the market; only buy what you need when the price is right. Adding extra tasks to your pursuit may seem time-consuming, but overall it will be worth it.

Take Some Time to Fish and Hunt

Fishing is another good way to get what you need, as can be killing and skinning. Deviate fish are suitable for Savory Deviate Delight, whereas Oily Blackmouth or Firefin Snappers are great for Alchemy. Whenever you have a spare few minutes waiting for fellow players or between quests, why not spend some time on this method?

Secondary Character

For players who wish to have more than one character leveling at a time, we recommend that their second character be an enchanter. Do remember, though, you will need to continue to level this character if you wish to continue disenchanting items as the levels rise.

Conduct daily checks of the Auction House

Taking the time to browse the auction houses’ prices can be very helpful. Check the prices of low-level enchanting materials, then take a look at the green items posted for sale. This will allow you to make a comparison of the value of the items and see if it is worth the purchase.

Farm Dungeons

Finding what you need while farming in WOWC can be challenging; this is down to a lot of these items being “world drops.” This means they are available anywhere which is inhabited by monsters. However, you can get some valuable materials used by crafters that can prove useful to farming. You can find these items spawned in dungeons; best of all? Little competition!

Your best bet at farming these dungeons is to either kill the monster yourself or avoid being seen entirely. Rogues and Druids are often the best in these scenarios due to their stealth, but with some determination, we’re sure you can make it work.

Grind Dungeons – Crafting Materials

Some of the dungeon farming you’ll need to do will require you to gather skills. An example of a popular item is Fadeleaf; this is because it is used in Rogues disappearing powder. Some dungeons, including the Scarlet Monastery, include spawn points.

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These can make it easier to reach classes that have stealth and herbalism. You can also make your way to the Scarlet Graveyard Cemetery and find Grave Moss. Rogues and Druids will also have an easier time farming Iron Ores in Blackrock Depths.

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