Apex Legends is a battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released on February 4th, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game. The “apex legends best team comp season 5” is a guide that lists the best team compositions for Season 11.

Apex Legends: Best Team Compositions for Season 11

One of the most appealing parts of Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is how much it emphasizes cooperation and collaboration. If you’re strong at the game, you may be able to get away with playing alone. The top players, on the other hand, utilize their legend’s gear to collaborate with their teammates.

Whether you want to improve in casual lobbies or go to the next level in ranked, you’ll need to pick out your team. But, with dozens of legends to pick from and thousands of possible combinations, how do you know which squad structure is best for you?

We’ve looked over each legend’s skills and put up a guide to show you the best Apex Legends team configurations for Season 11. There are no good teammates in this group.

Horizon, Caustic, and Fuse

The poisonous trapper Caustic, the explosives specialist Fuse, and the gravity manipulator Horizon are our top three options. There are two defensive legends and one attack legend. These three don’t seem to be paired together very frequently, which is unfortunate given how nicely they complement each other.

loadscreen-s07bp-02 loadscreen-s07bp-02 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Caustic and Fuse have had a tumultuous past in Apex Legends. They were considered as exceedingly weak and underpowered legends when they were launched on opening day and Season 8 respectively. They didn’t have the bonuses they required to thrive in the Apex Games until much later in the game.

Horizon, on the other hand, had the exact opposite experience! She was the strongest legend in the game when she first appeared in Season 7, and she rapidly rose to become one of the top-picked legendary. Her outfit made her a nightmare to play against. She just became a balanced legend after a series of nerfs.

So, how can these three titans, with their very diverse personalities, play styles, and backstories, come together to form one of the finest Season 11 lineups?

Why Do They Get Along So Well?

This legend’s construction boils down to one thing: the region of influence. Their talents combine to give them one of the most effective methods to take out several targets at once. They can accomplish that without firing a single round, which is even more astounding. But how will they be able to pull it off?

The Motherlode, Fuse’s ultimate, is a fiery mortar cannon that pours down a ring of fire on his foes. The difficulty with this ability is those legends at the center of the ring are unaffected. For many tales, escaping it is also rather simple. This is when Caustic enters the picture.

He can launch his ultimate ability, the Nox Gas Grandede, towards the middle of the ring, doing tremendous amounts of damage and slowing all legendary within. Fuse just gained a boost that allows him to brand foes inside the ring. As a result, seeing opponent players within the gas cloud is significantly simpler. This makes shooting them down much easier!

But where does Horizon, the charming scientist, fit into all of this? Her ultimate, on the other hand, lets her to create a small black hole that draws adjacent adversaries in. This is useful for keeping adversaries imprisoned as they attempt to escape the trap set by Caustic and Fuse.

Fuse’s passive ability Grenadier also allows him to hold more grenades at a time and throw them at far higher speeds and distances. This means that if Caustic doesn’t have his ult ready, Horizon may use hers as Fuse showers arc stars down on his opponents before they even realize what’s going on!

Seer, Gibralter, and Lifeline

The battle medic Lifeline, the protected stronghold Gibraltar, and the ambush artist Seer make up our next group of tales. This is the most diversified group of legends on the list, with a support, defensive, and recon character included in the mix. Given that Lifeline is canonically pals with Gibraltar and Seer, it’s no wonder that their abilities complement each other so well.

Since the beginning of the Apex Games, Lifeline and Gibraltar have been at odds. Lifeline’s ability to heal quickly (which has since been deleted) and her handy reviving skills gained her a lot of favor within the community. Gibraltar, on the other hand, swiftly became one of the least popular legends owing to his lackluster kit.

Lifeline has been revamped to become a much more balanced legend in Season 11. Gibraltar, on the other hand, went through a series of buffs and nerfs before settling down as one of the game’s finest legends.

8de61deb97cfa24f1c41ceeffbf2f633-1024x577 8de61deb97cfa24f1c41ceeffbf2f633-1024x577 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Seer, on the other hand, soon rose to become one of the most lethal fighters in the arena following his drop in Season 10. He was generally recognized as one of the most powerful Apex Legends characters ever produced. His skills were so powerful that he rendered several of the game’s recon legends useless! Thankfully, he’s been nerfed (but not to the point where he’s no longer an effective legend).

Why Do They Get Along So Well?

This is, without a doubt, the finest squad combination for Arenas. Their kits complement each other well, and due to the variety of their classes, they have a wide range of powers at their disposal throughout a battle. The capacity to help one another during firefights is the key advantage of this combination.

It’s a no-brainer to use Lifeline. During Arenas, her ability to immediately restore allies makes her a must-play. However, she has lost part of her value when Respawn eliminated her revive shield. We have Gibraltar for that, thankfully.

Gibraltar’s tactical is an unbreakable bubble barrier that he may deploy at any moment. This strengthens Lifeline’s capacity to resurrect and enables her to do so in public. In the event that the team is caught in the crossfire, Gibraltar may deploy his bubble while Lifeline utilizes a healing drone.

In terms of Seer, his ability to conduct a scan past barriers is quite beneficial in Arenas. This scan allows him and his comrades to observe their opponents’ health, which helps them decide when to push.

When shooting down sights, his passive helps him know where foes are, urging him to get up close and personal with them. It’s a hazardous move, but with Lifeline and Gibraltar on his side, he can afford to take chances.

Crypto, Revenant, and Ash

Let’s look at the synthetic nightmare Revenant, the incisive instigator Ash, and the surveillance specialist Crypto in our last and possibly most devastating mixture. With two assault characters and one recon character with an ult that pushes players to push, this is without a doubt the most aggressive legendary combination. This composition also requires the greatest teamwork to utilize, therefore I’d only recommend it if you have skilled mic-wielding partners.

Revenant, who debuted in Season 4, is a character that is built to counter opposing powers and play aggressively. He was weak when he was released, but he could still be useful if players learned how to utilize him effectively. Fast forward to now, and he is one of the game’s most powerful legends, with a good ranking position.

Screenshot-2021-11-28-164404-1024x573 Screenshot-2021-11-28-164404-1024x573 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Many gamers consider Ash, the Apex Games’ newest legend, to be a balanced legend. Before her release, she was also the most awaited legend. Since Season 5’s “Broken Ghost” questline, Respawn has been teasing her arrival. Now that she’s officially arrived, gamers have given her a prominent spot in the metagame.

When it comes to Crypto, he is one of the list’s most underpowered legends. Since his release in Season 3, he has never gotten nearly as much love and attention from Respawn as he deserved. His equipment necessitates slower, more tactical play, making him an unpopular legend. With all of this in mind, how can Crypto potentially find a place among the game’s most aggressive team compositions?

Why Do They Get Along So Well?

You may have heard of the “Rev-Taine Combo,” a term used by gamers to refer to teams that combine Revenant and Octane’s skills. Octane threw down a jump pad, and it worked. Revenant would set his ultimate ability (Death Totem) on the ground, and his whole squad would activate it at the same time. Everyone would use the jump pad at the same moment and then use it again when they respawned at the totem.

While this combo is still fantastic, I believe Revenant and Ash are a superior match. It achieves the same general goal. As usual, Revenant utilizes his totem to provide additional lives to his squadmates.

The team, however, instead of utilizing a jump pad to push, employs Ash’s ultimate power Phase Breach. This creates a one-way gateway between Ash’s squad and the opposing team. The biggest benefit of Ash over Octane is that it is quicker to reach the opposing squad. The portal also prevents you from being shot down in mid-flight.

When you combine this with Crypto’s ult, the Drone EMP, you get a powerful combination. This unleashes a huge burst of energy that destroys enemy traps, slows adjacent players, and damages shields by 50 points. It’s nearly overkill with this combination since it’s so powerful and aggressive. Almost.

If Crypto’s drone isn’t destroyed by the opposing squad, it will scan all adjacent adversaries as a bonus. This makes it much simpler to notice foes, providing you an advantage in fight.

Be a part of the High Ground

What are your thoughts on our picks for the top Apex Legends team compositions for Season 11? Did our decisions make sense to you? Do you have any ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Apex Legends is a battle royale game that has been in the market for a while. The game has seen many changes over time, but what are some of the best team compositions to use during Season 11? Reference: apex best team comp season 9.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best team comp for Apex?

A: The best team comp for Apex is having a balanced team of 3 Guardians and 1 Striker.

What apex Legends work best together?

A: The following are the best heroes to work together with when playing apex Legends.

Who should I Main in Apex?

A: For players that are new to Apex, I recommend they main either the Decepticon or Autobot in order to learn the basics of movement in the game. After mastering these two characters it is okay for them to experiment with other mains such as Prowl and Mirage.

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