Jerry Colangelo, the general manager for Team USA, has been a staple in basketball for decades. He is known as a brilliant strategist and has helped build many successful teams. In an interview with ESPN’s Chris Haynes, he defended his decisions to put LeBron James on the bench during the Olympics and predicted that Team USA would win gold.

Jerry Colangelo has been a part of the USA Basketball program since 1984. In this time, Team USA has won every gold medal in every tournament he’s been involved with. Read more in detail here: gold price predictions.

TOKYO, Japan — With a volatile roster and some wobbly performance on the court, Team USA Managing Director Jerry Colangelo knows things haven’t gone as planned this summer. But, as the Americans prepare for a crucial game against the Czech Republic on Saturday, he is certain that the squad can win a fourth straight gold medal.

“If we don’t win, people will take their chances; I’m the one who has to look in the mirror and know that I gave it my all,” Colangelo said. “I’ll tell you right now that the answer is yes, and I think we’ll win.”

Following a defeat to France in the first round last weekend, the United States has placed itself in a good position to progress to the medal round next week after a 54-point thrashing of Iran. A win against the Czechs would ensure it, but the squad’s inconsistency in warm-up games in Las Vegas, as well as the nation’s first Olympic defeat since 2004, has the team looking vulnerable.

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Virus limitations, injuries, and contract problems caused several players they expected to withdraw, according to Colangelo, who will leave his position after the Olympics after 16 highly accomplished years. This, along with COVID-19, which caused the games to be postponed for a year, threw off the rhythm he’d almost mastered in training American teams for the Olympics.

“Many (players) phoned to say they wanted to participate, then replied, “well, I’m not so sure.” I understand since there has been a lot going on “According to Colangelo. “It’s difficult when you can’t leave the house save for practice or a game. It’s very difficult. If everything was equal, we’d all have the same amount of practice time and our rosters would be established… I doubt we’d be having this conversation. I don’t think so. That, however, is not the case. So we’re going to do all we can right now to overcome that, and I’m certain we will.”

Kevin Love was controversially invited to a place on the roster earlier this month, and Colangelo revealed what occurred. Love withdrew after two bad preseason games, claiming an injury.

“I wasn’t expecting Kevin Love to play.” Colangelo stated, “I wasn’t convinced he had much more to play.” “He contacted us and claimed he was in good condition and that he felt he owed us something.” On that premise, we’re searching for someone with international experience who was once a great rebounder and can still shoot the ball. Being a 12th guy on a roster, if you will.

“It didn’t work out, unfortunately. He wasn’t in good condition. And, as it turned out, he was far behind schedule. As a result, you proceed. Call it a blunder. It’s referred to as providing someone with a chance. Someone having a stake in our company.”

When Bradley Beal departed after testing positive for COVID-19, Colangelo explained why Trae Young, who had a great season and was actively pushing for a roster position, was not chosen as a replacement.

“I’m glad he wants to play for the United States Basketball Team,” Colangelo stated. “He’s had a great career in the NBA. But, based on our perceptions of what we required, he didn’t fit the bill this time. He’s a young athlete with a bright future with USA Basketball, but our staff believed that wasn’t the case right now. It’s up to others to declare that you’ve made a mistake.’”

Several strong competitors are lined up to take against the United States for the gold. Australia has the strongest squad it has ever had, as shown by their victory against Team USA in Vegas. The current world champions, Spain, are a formidable team. Since 2019, France has beaten the Americans twice in a row, and Slovenia, headed by Luka Doncic, is a strong contender.

“This nation continues to be endowed with a wealth of talent. This squad, like the rest of the team, is loaded with talent “According to Colangelo. “We’re still a long way from being done with this.”

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