In a few days, Crowfall will launch its “second life”—a fully persistent, persistent world of combat gameplay with a tremendous amount of content. In the first week, the team will be making some major technical changes to the game. We’ll be keeping an eye on the numbers to see how it’s going, but we’re not going to be doing a bunch of interviews about it. We’ll be keeping all of you informed throughout the roll-out of the changes.

The world of MMOs is one of pivitol social gaming. Wherever there is a game with an active community, the community will always try to make sure that their game stays alive. That is why Crowfall has decided to make some changes in the company do to the game’s “live service” business.

In a small post on Reddit, boss Chris Roberts confirmed that the company is shutting down a number of servers and is going to a live service model. This means you’ll get a lot more content in a shorter timeframe.


We learned on Labor Day that Crowfall crew ArtCraft had been laid off in a wave of layoffs. While ArtCraft declined to comment on the extent of the damage on the record, one affected developer was more forthright on social media, blaming a lack of marketing and describing surprise layoffs: “The people that created the game are no longer on the game,” he said. “Rest in peace, Crowfall.”

ArtCraft’s Gordon Walton has responded on the game’s official website, confirming the layoffs and attributing them to a shift to live service development rather than a low population, as the MMO community seems to have previously acknowledged. “As we transitioned from launch mode to a live service operation, we lost several teammates,” Walton said.

The remaining crew is working on Eternal Kingdom loading problems and other design work, according to Walton’s letter.

“[W]e have many new gameplay ideas that are presently being reviewed by the community, with more on the way. Our new Chat system, Group Loot choices, Campaign Reward criteria, Scaling & Testing, and EK player management ideas have all gotten a lot of positive feedback. We’re excited to hear your thoughts on the forthcoming designs, which include map enhancements, campaign rules/modifications, and combat enhancements! We’ll keep sharing design docs for any significant upgrades in the future.”


Successful MMOs require a massive amount of work, and Crowfall is no different. The game has not seen a significant amount of success, and the developers responsible know that if they don’t work out these problems, the game is doomed to fail. The company has not given up completely yet, and the team is still hard at work trying to develop a workable business model.. Read more about crowfall news and let us know what you think.

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